Travel is one of the best ways to find yourself and have time to reflect on how you are and how you want to become. Also, it gives you the opportunity to have contact with other cultures, lifestyles and all sorts of people: an enriching experience. That’s why students feel such an urgent need for travel, sadly many for many the budget’s comes in the way. As a solution we offer this list with cheap vacation spots you can visit this 2020 with a tight budget.

Uyuni, Bolivia

South America has some of the best travel destinations, and many of them are almost a secret, like Uyuni, in Bolivia, a country that’s part of the Andean mountain range. It is very cheap (estimate an average of $35 a day per person, $20 – $25 if you go as a backpacker) so you can go and have a week vacation with a low budget. In Uyuni, located in the southwest of the country, is the world’s biggest salt flat,, the Salar de Uyuni, definitely a must see. You could also visit the Titicaca lake and the capital La Paz, the highest capital of the continent.

Sauraha, Nepal

If you want to visit Nepal, Sauraha is the right city to go for two reasons: it’s one of the cheapest vacation spots, and offer places to go trekking with breathtaking landscapes. There you can pay $2 for a night for a private room and save a little more to try typical food in local restaurants or markets. If you are in Nepal and can push your budget a little further, try visiting also Kathmandu, the capital city. You can estimate $28 a day, a little less if you go as a backpacker.

Nepal is a sample of a life-changing destination, and there you will find the inspiration to choose the topics for an expository essay or assignment you need to deliver at vacation’s return. And, if the ideas still won’t come to you, remember you can hire a writing service that do expository essays and other assignments for you. With them you can also find a good expository essay example and even examples of other types of essays. This way you can go on your trip with peace of mind.

Palawan, Philippines

The Philippines is a destination far to the east filled with paradisiac beaches and one of cheapest vacation spots in Asia: Palawan, an island where you can swim in waters crystal clear and enjoy this exotic culture, a mix of Asia with Spain, at cost you won’t believe. On average you might spend $35 a day, and a little more if your are planning to things like scuba diving, spelunking or snorkel.

Marrakech, Morocco

If you want to enjoy the starry nights of the desert and soak yourself in a rich culture (with great food), the city of Marrakech, in Morocco, is for you. This city offers architectural wonders, like the Koutoubia Mosque, and an encounter with an interesting Arabic culture with a French influence. The old city (Medina), known as “Marrakesh labyrinthine” because of its narrow alleyways, is an explosion of colors, or the Medersa Ben Youssef, an antique theological college, are spots that you can’t miss. You can enjoy this city by investing an average of $40 per day.

Oaxaca City, Mexico

Oaxaca is the capital city of the state of Oaxaca, in the Central Valleys region, in the south of the country. It is known for many reasons, but the variety and abundance of colonial and pre-colonial structures is something that stands out. Also, the food is delicious, but the budget will have to be a little more than for an Asian country: estimate $40 a day. Still, it is worth every cent, the magnitude of the ancient temples and ruins of the prehispanic civilization that are in Monte Alban, near Oaxaca, will surely inspire you for your next short expository essay, and also become one of the most remarkable experiences in your life.

Yerevan, Armenia

Some of the best travel destinations haven’t become too popular, and in consequence, remain as hidden treasures for those who look hard enough. Yerevan, a small city in Armenia is an example of this kind of destination: this town has a rich culture and beautiful collections in its museums. For about $20 a day, students can expand their horizons by getting to know a different culture and maintaining a low budget.