To help Australians save both time and money, the travel experts at leading travel search engine and the dining experts at leading global reservations platform, OpenTable, have come together to reveal the best time to book flights to three iconic cities, accompanied with top restaurant suggestions for world class dining experiences.

Flight search data from has revealed that New York, London and Berlin have seen year-on-year search increases from Aussies of 41*, 60%* and 75%* respectively, showing an appetite for great taste in travel.

New York City

It seems many Aussies are dreaming of America, with the Big Apple seeing a 41% year-on-year flight search increase*. KAYAK can reveal:

● The best off-peak travel season for New York from Australia is during May

● The best time to book a flight for the off-peak travel season is 4 months in advance

Be sure to treat yourself after a long day of retail therapy with some of the finest cuisine the city has to offer (and we’re not talking about roadside pretzels or hot dogs).

Restaurant Recommendations:

Le Coucou

At Le Coucou, you can experience the personal vision of internationally acclaimed chef, Daniel Rose, which is to serve French cuisine in the most charming of settings.


This traditional French Brasserie has a bustling atmosphere that will make you feel like you’re in Paris. Specialising in seafood, but never fear; they offer a variety of meat and poultry dishes too, so there’s something for everyone at Balthazar.

Momofuku Ssäm Bar

This casual yet elegant diner serves a menu inspired by flavours and techniques found worldwide, but best believe it stays true to its New York roots with items like bacon-ranch, manchego cheese and pork belly.


From visiting Big Ben, to taking a spin on the famous London Eye, London is a perennial travel favourite and it’s no surprise the city has seen a 60% year-on-year flight search increase*. While there’s plenty of sightseeing to do, the most important thing to experience in London is the plethora of dining options at your doorstep.

● The best off-peak travel season for London from Australia is during March

● The best time to book a flight for the off-peak travel season is 7 months in advance – which is now if you are looking to go during March

Restaurant Recommendations:

Sketch Gallery

Visiting London without dining at Sketch should be a crime. The millennial pink interiors and soft furnishings of this famed restaurant provide a fantastic atmosphere whilst you enjoy quality food. Plus, it has the most Instagrammed toilets in London.

Freak Scene

Fit for foodies, this elegant eatery plays host to a team of highly skilled chefs who epitomise fast casual dining while delivering quality Asian food in a unique menu that showcases modern and adventurous twists to tried and tested recipes which is guaranteed to satisfy your palate.

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon

This restaurant in London’s West Street is one must-have dining experience. Each floor brings its own experience and atmosphere so you’ll be spoilt for choice at this fine establishment.


The capital of Germany has carved a well-deserved role amongst Australian travellers as one of the trendiest cities in Europe and has seen a huge 75% year-on-year flight search increase*. Berlin is home to one of the world’s most famous nightclubs, Berghain, historic landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate and Berlin Wall, and a high calibre of dining options.

● The best off-peak travel season to Berlin from Australia is during March

● The best time to book a flight for the off-peak travel season is 2 months in advance

Restaurant Recommendations:

Pauly Saal

Spoil yourself at this beautiful fine dining lounge in central Berlin. Indulge in some of the freshest and highest quality ingredients Berlin has to offer then wash them down with some fine wine.


The zen atmosphere at Panama will inspire you to live in the present, in the urban environment of Berlin. The kitchen and bar combine familiar ingredients with exotic accents, adding an element of surprise that you’ll dream about long after you return home.

Cookies Cream

Cookies Cream serves 100% vegetarian food in an atmosphere of relaxed casualness. Well known chef Stephan Henschel says about his vegetarian creations, “No hocus-pocus, we already have enough of that anyway. My creations are absolutely unorthodox, honest and worthy of the peculiar taste of the vegetables and wild herbs.”