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Study Reveals: Houses in THIS city crowned most beautiful!

January 25, 2021 Lifestyle News No Comments

Due to travel restrictions across the globe, inevitably, our hunger to travel has been fuelled even more. Interestingly, searches relating to buying a property abroad have soared by 200% since October!

Housing experts at surveyed 4,839 people, providing them with images of traditional houses from 20 different cities worldwide, to uncover which city has the most beautiful residential homes!

Which city has the most beautiful residential buildings? can reveal that Birgu, Malta is crowned the city with the most beautiful houses! With its origin dating back to Medieval times and considered the oldest of The Three Cities, according to 79% of people, houses in this area are the most irresistible.

Home to the second most beautiful houses in the world is Bibury, England, receiving 76% of votes. Known for its honey-coloured 17th-century stone cottages, this typical Cotswolds village is certainly pleasing to the eye.

In third place is Tuscany, Italy! Its charming and traditional countryside homes led 74% to vote Tuscan houses among the most beautiful in the world.

Following in fourth are houses in Ghent, Belgium. In a city filled with 15th-century architectural monuments, 70% of respondents voted Ghent houses as the most aesthetic.

Located on the Swedish Island of Gotland, Visby places as the city with the fifth most beautiful homes – receiving 65% of the votes.

Its traditional and cubic houses lead Mykonos, Greece to place in sixth (63%)! The Cycladic architecture allows homes to benefit from natural light and reduces sun absorption, whilst also maintaining their beautiful exteriors.

England ranks in the top 10 again, as London places seventh with 58% of respondents loving the residential buildings.

In eighth, ninth and 10th positions are houses in San Francisco, USA (58%), Cartagena, Colombia (57%) and Colmar, France (54%).

To complete the top 20 list of cities with the most beautiful houses:

  1. Grund, Luxembourg – 52%
  2. Paris, France – 49%
  3. Lisbon, Portugal – 47%
  4. Boston, USA – 47%
  5. Edinburgh, Scotland – 44%
  6. Tyrol, Austria – 40%
  7. Barcelona, Spain – 38%
  8. Quebec City, Canada – 36%
  9. Amsterdam, the Netherlands – 34%
  10. Recife, Brazil – 33% spoke exclusively to OnBuy’s Home Department, who provided their top tips to improve the exterior of your home and bring an international feel:

“Reading the results of this study is enough to make anyone want to pack their bags and move abroad. But that’s not always possible – so how can you improve the exterior of your own house? 

  1. Manicure the front garden and pathway

One way to bring a new feel to your home is by simply tidying up! Cutting back the weeds, trimming the hedges, and clipping the grass can make a huge difference. Planting trees or bushes with colourful elements can certainly bring an international feel.

Additionally, if you have a path leading up to your home, consider pressure washing it to create lighter stone that we see in the Mediterranean. Grabbing a high-pressure washer will clean up the look of your home and it’s a fast, easy way to clean hard surfaces. These tasks can easily be done in a matter of hours and can definitely spruce up the look of your home – after all, first impressions matter. 

  1. Make space for your favourite plants

Having the correct plants in the correct places is a major key to encouraging good energy into your life. Colourful plants are welcoming and create a sense of warmth which can easily bring back happy memories of travelling.

It is important to encourage a large variety of plants in your front garden to balance out nature’s five elements, not letting one type outweigh another. The shapes and sizes of leaves, plants and spikes all contribute to different aspects of feng shui and are necessary to keep in mind when gardening. Different types of plants will bring different styles to the exterior of your home. For example, planting orchids can bring a Mexican feel to your home and roses may remind you of the English countryside! 

  1. Paint the exterior walls

Painting the exterior walls is the best way to switch up the look of your home! If your house is looking a little dull or suffering from damaged paint, a new coat could do the trick. Taking inspiration from houses in different areas of the world is certain to make your house stand out from the crowd. Why not go bold and take inspiration from the beautiful houses in Cartagena, Colombia? Although it can be costly, changing the colour of your house is among the biggest exterior changes you can make and if you know what style you’re going for, it’s certainly worth it. 


Firstly, created a list of homes in 40 different cities across the world whose residential architecture has been listed among most beautiful, using previous articles. then surveyed 4,839 people worldwide throughout January 2021, asking them: ‘Which of these houses do you think are most beautiful? [Please select all that apply]’. then analysed the results and created the final ranking. Respondents were provided with the images inside the Dropbox folder (top 20) and the survey was multiple choice.

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