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Feel the wind in your hair and the love in the air with Sunsail’s top five romantic yacht charter destination.

August 22, 2019 Cruise News No Comments

Fall in love in Italy, honeymoon in Seychelles or celebrate your anniversary in St. Martin; with Sunsail luxury yacht charters, there is a romantic destination for any occasion.Mahe, Seychelles

There is a reason Seychelles is the top honeymoon destination for royalty and celebrities. The remote islands of Seychelles offer a hidden oasis perfect for spending undisturbed quality time with the one you love. Bask in the warmth that surrounds Seychelles, dive into the azure waters or head to the shore for some island explorations. Onshore, there is a menagerie of exotic animals, including the giant tortoise and huge coconut crabs, lush rainforest walks, boutique shops and moreish restaurants to be explored.

Prices start at AU $5,530 | 7 Nights | Experience Level 3

Raiatea, French Polynesia

Believed to be the birthplace of Polynesia, Raiatea is surrounded by myth and legend.
Translating to ‘faraway heaven’, Raiatea is host to archaeological treasures, unique marine life and offers the perfect backdrop for any romantic getaway. Dive, snorkel or swim through Raiatea’s tranquil waters. This underwater wonderland offers a whole new world, with schools of fish, sea turtles, spotted eagle ray and coral gardens, just below the surface.

Prices start at AU $3,987 | 7 Nights | Experience Level 2

Procida, Italy

Procida is Italy’s best kept secret. Enjoyed in ancient times by the Roman elite, it comes as no surprise that a trip to this little island in the Bay of Naples will sweep you off your feet. What this quaint port town lacks in beaches it makes up for in scenery. The multi-coloured houses overlooking the water have inspired novelists and filmmakers for generations. Set sail from Procida to discover the famous Amalfi Coast, the islands of southern Italy and some of the world’s oldest cities.

Prices start at AU $1,399 | 7 Nights | Experience Level 2

St. Martin

Known as Saint-Martin to the French and Sint Maarten to the Dutch, this double nation island is bursting with unique personality. For romantics stepping off their charter and on to dry land, there truly is something for everyone here. The French side of the island offers nude beaches, exquisite shopping and refined French cuisine, whereas the Dutch side is known for its nightlife, beaches and rum-based drinks. As an alternative to diving, take part in a sea trek and walk underwater past shipwrecks, coral reefs and tropical fish or snorkel in the St Martin’s Marine Reserve for the very best in underwater viewing. Whether the French or the Dutch side (or both) better suit your couple goals, St. Martin is a dream destination.

Prices start at AU $5,330 | 7 Nights |Experience Level 2-3

Tortola, BVI 

The British Virgin Islands are coveted as one of the most beautiful areas in the world. The white sand beaches, lush green mountains and, of course the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean, make this an outstanding romantic destination. Take surfing lessons, dive on shipwrecks and get lost in the rainforest of Sage Mountain National Park. For the best snorkelling, head to Smugglers Cove and discover sea fans, sponges and parrotfish. Fall in love with the Caribbean yacht charter capital of Tortola.

Prices start at AU $2,374 | 7 Nights | Experience Level 1

Sunsail offer a unique way to enjoy love with five romantic charter holidays around the world. With over 40 years of experience, refined service and attention to detail, Sunsail will help make the most of your journey.

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