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Australian residents are avid travelers despite living in an amazing country. Discover their top countries to visit and how to pay for such vacations

February 16, 2021 Casino No Comments

Australian residents are avid travellers despite living in an amazing country. Discover their top countries to visit and how to pay for such vacations.

Preferred Payment Methods by Australians for Ordering Traveling Packages Abroad

Australia is a travel magnet for foreign tourists with many hot attractions and an unlimited offer of jaw-dropping landscapes. But where do Australians go on vacation? Considering they’ve already checked all the boxes in their “backyard”, what countries could incite the travelling spirit of Aussies? We’re going to explore the main travelling destinations for Australian tourists, as well as the most popular payment methods they use to acquire them.

New Zealand

It’s probably not a big surprise that neighbouring New Zealand is the most popular travel destination for Aussie tourists. Besides being the closest international destination you can choose, it’s also an awesome place for awesome ski resorts and award-winning wineries. The agreement between the two countries allows Australian citizens to easily visit, live, and work in New Zealand is another reason why many travellers choose this destination. And when it comes to paying for a travel package in New Zealand, things are straightforward as the biggest Australian banks operate here as well so bank transfers or POLi can guarantee instant and safe payments.


If you don’t see New Zealand as a real trip abroad since it’s on the same continent, this one should definitely satisfy your needs for travelling. Indonesia is a hotspot for Aussie tourists and it’s no surprise that Australians account for 25% of all visitors in Bali. The amazing landscape with golden-sand beaches and hiking routes with spectacular views make Indonesia a magnet for tourists from all over the globe. When talking about payment options, things aren’t as straightforward as in New Zealand. The Indonesian FinTech industry is quite dominant and offers several local payment apps. Foreign e-wallets are less common but fully acceptable. If you have earnings from eBay or winnings from online casinos, you are most likely already in the possession of a global e-wallet. eZeeWallet is used at many Australian casinos right now but Neteller is more known internationally and a safer alternative when travelling. Neteller has the advantage of offering a plastic card with the same payment abilities as a regular Master or Visa card. With this in your hand, you are able to do both local Indonesian and international online purchases without any problems as well as withdraw cash from ATM machines.

The United States of America

The US is an appealing travel destination for any tourist in the world. However, places like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, or New York score high on Aussies’ travel destinations. There are plenty of options if you choose the US as your next vacation destination. From the sunny beaches of California and Hollywood glamour, or pick New York if you want to experience the concrete jungle. Compared to the other two destinations we listed above, a vacation to the North-American country will also mean a greater expense. You’ll pay in US dollars and the exchange rate is roughly 1,30 AUD for 1 USD. While it’s not a big difference, your trip here will definitely be more expensive than New Zealand and Indonesia that had weaker currencies compared to the AUD.

Paying for a trip to the USA as an Australian is a piece of cake, though. You can use your credit or debit card, plus dozens of other payment methods like bank transfers, PayPal and e-wallets. Bitcoin payments are also widely accepted, even at Starbucks.

The United Kingdom

One simply cannot compile a list of top vacation destinations for Aussies without including the UK. The Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, London Bridge, or Stonehenge are just a few reasons why Australians would travel to the United Kingdom. The excellent relationship between the two nations does not hurt either. Australians are allowed to stay for up to six months at a time, making the UK a great headquarters for an extended trip around Europe. It’s not yet clear if Brexit will bring any big changes for Aussie tourists. However, chances are slim that you’ll face any restrictions. Skrill is an excellent payment option for a vacation in the UK since the ewallet has its headquarters here. Also, your debit or credit card is just as good as you can trust the UK’s online security.

Now when everything is paid for all you have to do is enjoy your trip!


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