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An Ultimate Guide to Nightlife in Stockholm: Where Locals Hang Out

January 26, 2021 Visit Europe No Comments

Deep in the heart of the European country of Sweden lies a sprawling metropolis teeming with life. The city that we will be discussing today is one in which pleasure and work mix seamlessly. Without further ado, if you’re looking to get the best of Swedish hospitality and meet top tier Swedish girls then Stockholm is the place for you.

To any tourists in Sweden reading this, we recommend that you strap in. This guide is to ensure that you do not miss a beat in your quest for some Swedish fun. With a little aid from this article, you should take advantage of the never-ending options that nightlife in Stockholm has on offer; you won’t regret it. 

Now that you’re seated with a glass of wine in your hand, let’s get this party started!

Sodermalm District

Stockholm is a city that does not lack fun spots. Entertainment spots are littered all over the city, with each area of the city providing a certain cadre of hospitality and enjoyment. If you love spacious venues and enjoy being around lots of people then Sodermalm district is just the place for you. With several affordable options, you have a chance to relax there.

What’s more? You are guaranteed to run into amazing girls from Sweden in Sodermalm district. There are so many clubs there that you could spend your entire time clubbing and still not have scratched the surface. It goes without saying that in this district and most of Stockholm, your best chance of picking up girls is at clubs. You will find that Swedish parties are nothing short of a whirlwind experience, and Stockholm clubbing is an experience to treasure for a long time.


You can head over to the Stureplan district if you have deep pockets. Sure, it does seem a stretch, but the big boys always want the very best. In this district, you will find almost every opulent nightclub Stockholm takes pride in.

Be informed that you may have to pass through a strict process for admission into these venues. You may even run into winding queues. Lose no heart though, because this is a sign that you’re in for the very best of nightlife in Sweden.

Judit & Bertil

If you’re looking for a cozy place to go to, then this is it. Named after the grandparents of the owner, Judit and Bertil is situated in the heart of Hornstull. What was once a working-class neighborhood now has an intimate space that you can relax in and groove way into the night. From the neon signs reminiscent of yesteryears, you can expect a wave of nostalgia to hit you when you’re out at night at this place. However, it closes by 10 PM so unless you are looking for a place to be at throughout the night, this is a cool spot to spend your evening.

Hornstulls Strand

If you’re a seasoned traveler you should know that quiet times are vital parts of any vacation. During these quiet times, you can relax and watch the world roll by. Stockholm is one of the few places where that can easily happen. 

You could choose to bask in the Sun at the Hornstulls Strand, where you can watch the water while relaxing. The scenic views from the edge of the water make for poetic memories. Even better, the sunset is picturesque.

To crown it all, the day always seems to end with a bang there. This is because many people come to drink at the bars littered all over Hornstulls Strand. Of these bars, the most eye-catching is Loopen, the oasis bar. From there you can wine and dine until the Sun comes around for its daily shift. While there, you have the perfect opportunity to meet girls from Sweden and have interesting conversations.

Ostermalm SaluHall

You would be remiss if you showed up in Stockholm and failed to taste the Swedish delicacies and cuisines. That would be most odd. If you didn’t know that some of the best nighttime experiences are those involving sumptuous food, then let that be the one thing that you take away from this article.

The Ostermalm SaluHall is a place where food meets history. Standing since 1888, this historical edifice has served many generations. It is the melting pot for all Swedish dishes on offer. You can enjoy the Toast Skagen, the Raggmunk, and Surstromming Herring there. Trying out any of these dishes will titillate your palate as you mingle with Swedish girls.

Sodra Teatern

This is an aesthetically pleasing theatre that has been in existence since the 19th century. It has now become the venue for diverse occasions, from concerts for underground music to ska jazz. In the summer, Mosebacketerrassen takes center stage with a venue large enough to accommodate as many as 1,000 people. If you’re interested in a breathtaking view, the seventh floor is the best place to go to – shhh, that’s our little secret! It boasts of a champagne sky bar and a terrace, which cements its place as an emblem of Stockholm nightlife.

Friends Arena

Music has always been an accessory to Swedish nightlife. Sweden is a country known for its affinity to electronic and techno music, both of which can get you hopping in seconds. You’re bound to discover what it means to party in Stockholm when you attend summer music festivals, many of which are held at the Friends Arena.

As was implied, there are many of these kinds of festivals but one catches the eye the most – The Skankaloss Music Festival. This annual event offers you a chance to have a different experience and enjoy partying in Sweden. Other festivals like Lollapalooza, Coachella, and the Ultra Music Festival are also avenues for you to feel the Swedish ecstasy in Stockholm and party alongside happy Stockholm girls.

Final Words

When in Sweden, any tourist would be doing themselves a great disservice if they don’t visit Stockholm for a night or two. There are a lot of pleasant experiences to be had in this bubbling city both in the day and at night. At the end of the day, few cities can match the fun and excitement that Stockholm and its many clubs have to offer.

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