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MEETINGS 2024 - logoLeaders from eleven of New Zealand’s foremost tourism, hospitality, and event associations convened in Rotorua last week for a crucial face-to-face meeting. This landmark gathering, held on June 19 at the MEETINGS event, provided a platform for discussing industry issues and setting future priorities.

Representatives from the Backpacker Youth and Adventure Tourism Association (BYATA), Regional Tourism New Zealand (RTNZ), Board of Airline Representatives of New Zealand (BARNZ), Hotel Council Aotearoa (HCA), Hospitality New Zealand (HNZ), New Zealand Airports Association (NZAA), New Zealand Cruise Association (NZCA), Tourism Export Council New Zealand (TECNZ), New Zealand Event Association (NZEA), Business Events Industry Aotearoa (BEIA), and Tourism Industry Aotearoa (TIA) came together to exchange insights and strategies.

Lisa Hopkins, BEIA Chief Executive.

Lisa Hopkins, BEIA Chief Executive.

BEIA Chief Executive Lisa Hopkins emphasized the significance of this meeting, stating, “This was a pivotal time for leaders to meet for meaningful discussions. A lot is going on in the industry at the moment, so the opportunity to have counterparts from other associations come together at MEETINGS was an opportunity too good to miss.”

Hopkins highlighted the importance of collaboration, noting, “It was also a great opportunity for the sector leaders to experience MEETINGS itself and to feel the manaakitanga of the destination with such a warm welcome in Rotorua. It’s important our members understand there is collaboration, conversation, and discussion across the associations on issues which matter to us all. Together we offer a singular, aligned voice to communicate our joint priorities.”

The event, hosted at Rotorua’s Energy Events Centre, saw an impressive turnout of over 1,200 attendees. Exhibitors from 16 regions across New Zealand set up 246 stands, including 35 first-time exhibitors, showcasing their business events products to over 400 buyers from New Zealand, Australia, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and North America.

This unprecedented assembly of industry leaders underscores the commitment to unified efforts to tackle the challenges the tourism and hospitality sectors face. The collaborative spirit and shared vision presented at the Rotorua summit are expected to drive the industry towards a more cohesive and prosperous future.

The MEETINGS event not only facilitated significant networking and collaboration but also exemplified the robust potential of New Zealand’s tourism and hospitality industries. These associations have set a precedent for future initiatives to foster growth, innovation, and resilience within the sector by coming together.

For more information on the associations involved and future events, visit Tourism Industry Aotearoa, Hospitality New Zealand, and Business Events Industry Aotearoa.

This historic gathering marks a new chapter in New Zealand’s tourism and hospitality narrative, emphasizing the power of unity and the collective effort needed to navigate the industry’s dynamic landscape.




Written by: Jill Walsh