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NSW budget boosts tourism with $324.5M funding, benefiting accommodation, nightlife, and major events.In a groundbreaking move, the New South Wales government has unveiled a state budget that promises to propel the tourism and accommodation sectors to unprecedented heights. Accommodation Australia NSW General Manager Stacey McBride lauded the increased support for tourism, nightlife, and significant events as a pivotal development for the industry.

The budget allocates a substantial $324.5 million to Destination NSW, which will spearhead the creation of a new ‘Foundation Events’ category. This initiative underscores the critical role major events play in driving economic activity across the state. “Time and time again, we have witnessed the transformative impact of major events on the accommodation and hospitality sectors,” stated McBride. “From unique events like World Pride and the Taylor Swift tour to annual spectacles such as the Sydney Festival and Vivid, these occasions significantly boost occupancy and visitation, creating a ripple effect across food, beverage, and retail industries.”

In addition to the hefty investment in Destination NSW, the newly established Department of Creative Industries, Tourism, Hospitality, and Sport is set to focus on expanding NSW’s creative and tourism sectors. This department’s efforts are expected to invigorate the state’s vibrant cultural scene further and attract more visitors, contributing to a robust visitor economy.

The state budget includes an impressive $1.66 billion to support the arts and nighttime economy. This encompasses $26.9 million dedicated to developing nighttime precincts throughout the state, enhancing the overall nightlife experience for residents and tourists alike. Furthermore, a staggering $5.5 billion has been allocated to the Sydney Metro-Western Sydney Airport project. This funding will facilitate the completion of Stage 1 of the Rapid Bus Project, efficiently linking Penrith, Campbelltown, and Liverpool with the new airport, thereby improving accessibility for travellers.

McBride expressed her gratitude towards the NSW Government for its commitment to bolstering the tourism economy. “A big thank you to the NSW Government for recognizing the importance of the tourism economy and listening to the needs of the industry,” she said. “We eagerly anticipate collaborating with them to further enhance tourism’s contribution to our sector and the broader economy of NSW.”

The strategic investments outlined in the budget reflect a forward-thinking approach to fostering economic growth and solidifying NSW’s position as a premier destination for tourists and significant events. With this robust financial backing, the future of the state’s tourism and accommodation sectors looks brighter than ever.

This comprehensive support for tourism, nightlife, and significant events is not just a boon for the accommodation sector; it promises to elevate the entire visitor economy. As NSW prepares for an influx of visitors and a flourishing creative and nightlife scene, the economic benefits are poised to resonate across various industries, driving sustained growth and prosperity for the state.

For further details on the NSW state budget and its impact on the tourism and accommodation sectors, visit the NSW Government Budget.

The NSW budget’s substantial investments are set to transform the tourism landscape, offering unprecedented opportunities for growth and development. With a strategic focus on significant events, creative industries, and improved infrastructure, NSW is well-positioned to thrive as a leading destination for domestic and international visitors.




Written by: Jill Walsh