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A ghost has been spotted in The Rocks, Sydney 2Could it be the Ghost of the unnamed Sailor who was mudered in the early 18th century?

In the heart of The Rocks, above the fortune of war bar, where the ghost was spotted, once was a sailor’s hostel with a reputation for illicit activities, including a rumored brothel where a sailor met a tragic end at the hands of a prostitute.

Legend has it that the sailor’s spirit lingers, in the buildings. Stories of ghostly encounters have been passed down through the generations, with reports in the local Sydney gazette of eerie footsteps and mysterious sightings in the dark of night.

The ghost of the sailor is said to only appear to women, scaring them with his spectral presence  roaming within the old buildings. To this day, guests and staff claim to hear his ghostly footsteps, a chilling reminder of the tragic tale.

The history of the sailor’s hostel continues to captivate and intrigue those who pass by, a reminder of the past that refuses to be forgotten. And so, the legend of the sailor’s ghost lives on, haunting the streets of The Rocks for all eternity.