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Australia\'s South West Launches Wellness Tourism Strategy
PR DONEAustralia’s South West Regional Tourism Organisation (ASW RTO) celebrates the announcement of the launch of its highly anticipated Wellness Tourism Strategy for the region. This comprehensive plan positions the region to become Australia\’s premier destination for nature-based wellness tourism by 2034.

The strategy recognises the booming wellness travel industry and works to capitalise on the existing strengths of the region. From breathtaking natural landscapes and pristine beaches, to dedicated operators with a nature for nurture and holistic approach, Australia\’s South West offers the perfect ingredients for a rejuvenating escape for mind and body.

Read the strategy summary here: https://corporate.australiassouthwest.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2024/06/2.-FINAL-Australias-South-West-Wellness-Tourism-Strategy-Summary.pdf

The Wellness Tourism Strategy outlines a clear roadmap for achieving such ambitious goals, with key areas of focus including:

– Bringing wellness into destination marketing to enhance recognition of Australia\’s South West as a leader for nature-based wellness travel.
– Fostering community and industry collaboration to enhance mutual growth and sustainable development.
– Develop nature-based wellness experiences that promote health, wellbeing and environmental connection for visitors.
– Encourage eco-friendly practices that aim to minimize environmental impact and foster long-term ecological balance.
– Support local Aboriginal tourism, collaborating with Aboriginal businesses to foster cultural exchange in wellness tourism activities.
– Identify and facilitate wellness specific superstructure to enhance the quality and accessibility of wellness facilities and services.

The launch of the ASW RTO Wellness Tourism Strategy offers a range of benefits for the region, including attracting high yield travellers that improve the economic impact of tourism in the region, as well as protecting the natural environment and nurturing visitors and local communities.

Australia\'s South West Launches Wellness Tourism Strategy

Supported by Tourism WA, the strategy has been undertaken by Australia\’s South West Regional Tourism Organisation in conjunction with Destination Wellbeing and Concept 2 Strategy, with a toolkit developed to help guide wellness and tourism businesses moving forward.

You can download the toolkit here: https://corporate.australiassouthwest.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2024/06/Australias-South-West-Wellness-Tourism-Industry-Toolkit.pdf

Comments attributed to Australia’s South West CEO, Catrin Allsop

\”Australia\’s South West is excited to be leading the charge in positioning itself as Australia\’s premier destination for nature-based wellness travel.

Our stunning natural assets, strong sense of community, and unique offerings – from luxurious accommodations to fresh, local cuisine – provide the perfect backdrop for travellers to reconnect with themselves, immerse themselves in our local culture, and experience the wonders of nature firsthand.

By promoting the region through a wellness lens, we can attract visitors who share our deep appreciation for this incredible destination and all that it has to offer both physically and mentally.