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Tourism Noosa has launched ’50 Shades of Green’, a comprehensive guide designed to assist event organisers in achieving their sustainability objectives while hosting events in Noosa. This innovative resource aims to strike a balance between economic prosperity, social responsibility, cultural preservation, and environmental stewardship.

The ’50 Shades of Green’ guide has been meticulously curated to align with the various phases of event planning, including pre-event, during-event, and post-event actions. Organisers can navigate through the guide either sequentially, from Shade 1 to Shade 50, or directly to the shade most pertinent to their event’s sustainability needs. Each shade provides an introduction to the topic, actionable steps, and a wealth of useful tips and resources.

“With the launch of ’50 Shades of Green,’ Tourism Noosa reaffirms its commitment to fostering sustainable practices within our local event industry,” says Sharon Raguse, CEO of Tourism Noosa.

“This guide serves as a roadmap for all event organisers, offering practical strategies to minimise environmental impacts while maximising the positive contributions of their events to the community.”

One of the distinguishing features of the guide is its dynamic nature. The online platform will regularly update links, tools, and supplementary information to ensure event organisers have access to the latest, most relevant resources tailored to the Noosa region.

“We recognise that sustainability is an evolving journey, and our aim is to provide local event organisers with the best, tailored resources at their fingertips,” adds Juanita Terry-Bloomfield, Tourism Noosa’s Tourism Sustainability Manager.

“By continually updating the guide, we empower organisers to stay ahead of the curve and implement cutting-edge sustainable practices in their events, with the end goal to become zero emissions, zero waste and minimal community impact ” said Ms Terry-Bloomfield.

Lee Huber, Events Manager for Tourism Noosa explains “Tourism Noosa’s event funding program supports a diverse portfolio of tourism events by enhancing existing events and helping emerging events in Noosa so they may be enjoyed by visitors and locals alike. Events sponsored by Tourism Noosa must demonstrate progress and commitment to being environmentally sustainable.  Utilising our Sustainable Events Criteria auditing tool and

checklist for benchmarking each year, 50 Shades will event organisers additional support to navigate this challenge with greater confidence”.

’50 Shades of Green’ represents a collaborative effort between Tourism Noosa, local stakeholders, and industry experts, reflecting a shared commitment to preserving Noosa’s natural beauty and cultural heritage for future generations.

In congratulating Tourism Noosa, festival organiser for the Noosa Festival of Surfing John Findlay said, “I commend Tourism Noosa for the launch of ’50 Shades of Green.’ This guide is an invaluable resource for event organisers, providing practical solutions to enhance sustainability efforts in Noosa. As an event organiser, each year we strive to make our event more memorable for our visitors and for the community.  Tips provided in this guide will further assist us on our journey to becoming more environmentally responsible”.