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Beijing Capital Airlines Unveils Melbourne Route.In a significant boost to international connectivity, Beijing Capital Airlines has inaugurated its new direct route from Hangzhou to Melbourne, marking a milestone in China-Australia travel. The inaugural flight was celebrated with an exclusive brunch at the modern Yugen Tea Bar in South Yarra, setting a sophisticated tone for the new service.

The Airbus A330 flight, which carried 264 passengers, landed at Melbourne Airport at 5:00 a.m., and the return flight departed promptly at 7:00 a.m. This new route, operating three times a week, establishes a vital link between Australia’s vibrant coffee culture and China’s renowned tea tradition.

Strengthening Ties Between Two Nations

The addition of this route makes Hangzhou the eighth non-stop destination in mainland China accessible from Melbourne Airport. This expansion brings the Chinese market’s capacity back to 91% of pre-pandemic levels, underscoring the resilience and growth of international travel.

Lorie Argus, CEO of Melbourne Airport, emphasized the economic significance of this development. “Hangzhou, with its population of around 11 million, is twice the size of Melbourne and celebrated as China’s tea capital. Historically, mainland Chinese travelers have been among the highest spenders in Australia, contributing $5.8 billion last year alone.”

Argus highlighted the broader economic impact: “An average daily international flight injects approximately $154 million into the Victorian economy. These new flights will invigorate our restaurants and retail shops and provide our farmers access to millions of new consumers.”

Economic and Cultural Benefits

China remains Victoria’s largest two-way trading partner, with Chinese purchases of Victorian goods reaching over $6 billion in the last fiscal year. Argus noted, “This new direct connection to mainland China will further stimulate trade, tourism, and the growth of international students.”

A spokesperson from Beijing Capital Airlines added, “Launching Melbourne as our first intercontinental destination marks our third such route within the same country. We are committed to fostering economic and cultural exchanges between China and Australia.”

A Positive Outlook for the Future

As international travel rebounds, this new route symbolizes a positive outlook for the future. Melbourne, known for its dynamic cultural scene and economic vitality, stands to gain significantly from increased connectivity with Hangzhou, a city steeped in history and economic importance.

The new Melbourne-Hangzhou route offers exciting opportunities for travellers and businesses alike. From boosting local economies to enhancing cultural ties, Beijing Capital Airlines’ latest offering is a testament to the enduring bond between China and Australia.

For further details on flight schedules and airfares, visit the Beijing Capital Airlines website.

This article exemplifies the importance of international collaboration and its tangible benefits to local economies and cultural understanding.




Written by: My Thanh Pham