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TOP25 Restaurants Bangkok Awards 2024 - LogoIn a grand celebration of Bangkok’s culinary scene, the highly anticipated TOP25 Restaurants 2024 list has been unveiled at the prestigious Park Hyatt Bangkok. This event marks a significant milestone as TOP25 Restaurants, the world’s first AI-driven organization to curate and recognize exceptional dining establishments, introduces special awards.

TOP25Restaurants.com has revolutionized the way we discover and celebrate outstanding dining experiences. This year’s updated ranking highlights Bangkok’s dynamic and ever-evolving culinary landscape, reaffirming its status as a global gastronomic hub.

Celebrating Culinary Excellence

Leading the illustrious list is POTONG, a Thai-Chinese fine-dining restaurant helmed by the talented Chef Pichaya “Pam” Soontornyanakij. Following closely is Côte by Mauro Colagreco at the Capella hotel, with Chef Davide Garavaglia at the helm. Baan Tepa, the newest two-star Michelin restaurant, claims the third spot, while SORN, renowned for its unmatched Southern Thai cuisine by Chef Ice, secures the fourth position.

TOP25 Restaurants Awards-Bangkok 2024 Allö Winners On Stage.

TOP25 Restaurants Awards-Bangkok 2024 Allö Winners On Stage.

Noteworthy additions to this year’s list include Embassy Room, Bangkok’s first Catalan culinary experience, Chai Jia Chai, a premier modern Cantonese omakase restaurant, and ÎNT, surprising guests with its progressive Thai 13-course tasting menu.

Visionary Leadership

Bernard Metzger, the visionary founder behind the TOP25 Restaurants Guide series, reflected on the journey since its inception: “In 2018, when we launched TOP25 Restaurants Bangkok as the world’s first AI-powered restaurant guide, our aim was to transform how we discover and celebrate exceptional dining experiences. At the time, AI was an unfamiliar concept to many, but our goal was to create a guide that is more dynamic, comprehensive, and objective than any other.”

A Night of Recognition

The TOP25 Restaurants Bangkok Awards 2024 event, held on June 10, 2024, was a night to remember. The luxurious Park Hyatt Bangkok set the stage for a celebration of culinary artistry, where each of the top 25 restaurants received an elegant award certificate. These certificates, featuring the restaurant’s name and 2024 rank, were personally presented by Mr Chattan Kunjara Na Ayudhya, Deputy Governor for International Marketing (Asia and South Pacific) at the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), and Mr Noor Ahmad Hamid, Chief Executive Officer of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA).

The Top 25 Restaurants in Bangkok 2024

  1. Potong
  2. Côte by Mauro Colagreco
  3. Baan Tepa
  4. Sorn
  5. Embassy Room
  6. Mezzaluna
  8. Chef’s Table
  9. Savelberg
  10. Sühring
  11. Gaa
  12. Chia Jai Chia
  13. Maison Dunand
  14. Elements, Inspired by Ciel Bleu
  15. R-Haan
  16. Sushi Masato
  17. IGNIV
  18. Le Du
  19. Juksunchae
  20. Khaan
  21. Blue by Alain Ducasse
  22. Resonance
  23. CLARA
  24. ÎNT Restaurant
  25. Mia

Special Awards

For the first time, the Travelindex Group introduced the TOP25 Restaurants Special Awards, celebrating not only the top 25 winners but also excellence in culinary heritage, groundbreaking innovation, and rising culinary stars. The winners of these prestigious awards are:

  • PerfectCheck – Restaurant Industry Innovation Award
  • Chef Goji Kobayashi (Chef-Owner at Sushi Kuuya) – Young Rising Star Chef Award
  • North Restaurant – Culinary Heritage Excellence Award

A Toast to Bangkok’s Culinary Community

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all 25 winners and particular award recipients. Bangkok’s culinary community’s dedication and creativity continue to inspire and delight food enthusiasts worldwide. As we look forward to the next edition, we celebrate the passion that drives this vibrant gastronomic city.

For more details on the rankings and to explore the finest dining experiences in Bangkok, visit TOP25 Restaurants.




Written by: Soo James