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LA-based art collector and event organiser for brands like Armani, The Getty and AMFAR, J. Ben Bourgeois tapped one of Mexico’s top architects for his own estate 19 years ago, which is carved out of the coastline in the sleepy Mexican town of Zihuatanejo. And today, his new ZihFit—an eight-bedroom sanctuary peppered with local craft — is where he hopes to share his own, personal journey with others.

Proving that travel transcends the ordinary, becoming a catalyst for profound personal growth. Here, Bourgeois seamlessly intertwines his event production prowess with a reverence for wellness, crafting a sanctuary that celebrates life, growth, and communion with nature, he shares,

“All good things begin with a story, and this is mine, which I can now share with the world,” said Bourgeois. “Zihuatanejo is a magical corner of the world, and now, we’ve built a sanctuary that defines the spiritual embodiment of ancient Mexican culture while promoting well-being, longevity and authentic indigenous traditions of the region.”

Just opened to the public in mid-February, the ZihFit program beckons a select group of up to 16 persons at set monthly retreats to explore the authentic tapestry of Mexican culture fostering spiritual harmony and mental acuity. Retreats run six nights and explore traditional medicine, locavore cuisine from its on-site nutritionist and exercise regimens from its LA-based fitness programmer, the Brazilian-American Eduardo Penteado who led Bourgeois on this own fitness journey when he turned 60.

“Now more than ever, individuals seek to reconnect with themselves,” says Penteado. “We have worked with the local community to create authentic shamanic and spiritual experiences.”

Retreat guests have a chance to embrace this connection through the sacred cacao ceremony and the powerful Temazcal ceremony.

“These rituals are not just practices but are powerful means to inner healing, emphasizing the importance of having a connection with Pachamama, Mother Earth,” says Penteado.

Challenging conventional norms, the property stands as an enclave of unparalleled refinement meticulously curated by esteemed Mexican architects and designers. Casa Fiesta, envisioned by Zozaya Arquitectos, epitomises contemporary architectural brilliance, seamlessly fusing modernist design elements with traditional craftsmanship. Spanning 20,000 square feet, Casa Fiesta exudes minimalist sophistication, boasting sleek lines, neutral palettes, and locally sourced materials that evoke serenity and balance.

The estate’s private beach club, Playa Fiesta, was crafted under the visionary guidance of Andrés Saavedra, offers a mesmerizing fusion of avant-garde allure and coastal charm. With its sinuous contours and expansive open-air vistas, it captures the essence of seaside living, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the allure of their surroundings. Meanwhile, Mexican interiors luminary Tere Ares infused each space with warmth and authenticity, interweaving vibrant hues, textured fabrics, and artisanal embellishments that pay homage to Mexico’s rich cultural tapestry.

ZihFit offers a comprehensive experience that not only nurtures the body and soul but also provides a deep immersion into Mexico’s cultural mosaic. Set against an idyllic backdrop, guests can partake in a myriad of enriching activities. Mornings at Casa Fiesta begin with yoga sessions against serene views of Zihuatanejo town and its bay, while afternoons and evenings pulsate with vibrant energy, featuring a range of fitness and dance classes from the high-intensity Tabata and Zumba to the rhythmic bachata and salsa under the stars.

Rates for the six-night sojourn are $7,900 per person with all meals included, as well as daily massage, yoga and other activities, laundry and round-trip airport transfers. There is an 15% service charge for all reservations. Private four-and six-night retreats can be customized as well.