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Vilnius, Lithuania. From June 5–8, Lithuania’s capital will host the LT Pride festival, expecting over 20,000 participants in a vibrant celebration of diversity and inclusion.

“As visitors are discovering, Vilnius has an atmosphere that’s festive and open-minded, and we look forward to maintaining that during the LT Pride in June,” said Vladimir Simonko, founder of the LGL and organizer of the LT Pride.

Simonko also emphasized Lithuania’s role as a safe haven for LGBT rights activists from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia, highlighting the city’s commitment to equality and human rights.

In addition to this year’s LT Pride and Baltic Pride being held in 2025, Vilnius has also applied to host EuroPride in 2027, showcasing the Lithuanian capital’s significant ambitions for celebrating Pride events that will attract visitors from across the country, Europe, and beyond.

”It is symbolic that in the first half of 2027, Lithuania will preside over the Council of the European Union. That same year Vilnius hopes to host EuroPride should its application be granted, ” said Simonko.

This year, LT Pride participants can expect various activities and shows, including DJs, drag performances, a community stage, a family area, and a conference on inclusive education.

The highlight of the main Lithuanian Pride concert will be the star-studded lineup featuring RuPaul’s Drag Race performers from around the world, including Cheddar Gorgeous, LaDiva Live, and Rita Baga. These international drag stars will showcase their talent at Vingis Park on June 8, performing on the biggest LGBT stage in the Baltic States.