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Air Tahiti Nui, the flagship carrier to the breathtaking Islands of Tahiti, is thrilled to announce its new brand ambassadors. The diverse group is made up of athletes, artists, explorers, chefs, and Polynesian culture experts who are passionate about French Polynesia and will work to highlight the beauty and warmth of Tahitian culture.

These ambassadors will share their unique island experiences through a series of engaging articles, offering insider tips on where to go, what to do, and how to make the most of a visit. Each ambassador specialises in a specific area, including island exploration, gastronomy, culture, ocean activities, and beauty and well-being. Their insights will provide travellers with an exclusive guide to the Islands of Tahiti, allowing them to explore the fenua (islands) through the eyes of locals.

“Air Tahiti Nui is excited to present these outstanding individuals who call Tahiti home. We believe that their enthusiasm and insights will help visitors experience Tahiti to its fullest,” said Grant Sinclair, General Manager Pacific at Air Tahiti Nui. “Polynesia is a land of explorers, and our brand ambassadors reflect the spirit of adventure and discovery that is at the heart of Tahitian culture.”

Meet Air Tahiti Nui’s brand ambassadors:

Explorer Ambassadors

  • Agnès Benet has a PhD in underwater biology, and studies marine mammals and coral reefs. She founded the Mata Tohora Association, which protects vulnerable marine species.
  • Mehdi Gabrillargues is a pro cyclist and pioneer in the field of electrically assisted bicycles in French Polynesia.
  • Danee Hazama is a photographer who explores the islands through a cultural perspective, capturing the beauty and spirit of Tahitian culture.

Beauty Ambassadors

  • Teaniva Dinard, Mister Tahiti 2022, and Yamila Apiu, a member of the Mister Tahiti Committee, highlight the true beauty of French Polynesia.
  • Ravahere Silloux, Miss Tahiti 2023, and Leïana Faugerat, head of the Miss Tahiti competition, embody the grace and elegance of Tahitian culture.
  • Alberto Vivian, a fashion designer from Milan, who designs clothing collections inspired by French Polynesia, and is the creator and organiser of the Tahiti Fashion Week.

Cultural Ambassadors

  • Hinatea Colombani, a Tahitian dance teacher who shares her passion for Tahitian dance with tourists and locals alike.
  • Heiura Itae-Tetaa, an accomplished businesswoman who founded the start-up ‘Speak Tahiti – Paraparau Tahiti’, and is President of La French Tech Polynésie.
  • Alexander Lee, a visual artist inspired by the beauty and spirit of French Polynesia, whose work has been shown around the world.

Food Ambassador

  • Patrick Seurot, passionate about history, gastronomy and culture, publishes Polynesian magazines on a variety of themes, including the bimonthly magazine Tama’a!

Ocean Ambassadors

  • Vahine Fierro, a surfing champion who lives in Huahine and Tahiti and is an ambassador of the Water World, helping to promote the water sector as a rewarding career path.
  • Tim Mc Kenna, a photographer who has perfectly combined his love of photography with his passion for surfing.
  • Stephan Lambert, a waterman who organises sporting events, including The Watermana Liquid Festival, the Waterman Tahiti Tour, and the Air Tahiti Nui Explorer HUH Ultra.

Travellers can find more about Air Tahiti Nui’s brand ambassadors at https://au.airtahitinui.com/discover-tahiti-air-tahiti-nui-ambassadors