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Simplicity and purity of Finnish Lapland.In the enchanting wilderness of Finnish Lapland, Sirly Ylläsjärvi stands as a beacon of Arctic luxury and sustainable dining. This celebrated TV chef and entrepreneur has revolutionized the hospitality industry with her innovative approach to blending natural beauty with cultural heritage. Her dedication to creating unique, high-quality experiences has garnered her a reputation as a pioneer in Arctic luxury.

A Culinary Journey Rooted in Nature

Restaurant Elsa, a culinary gem aiming for Michelin star recognition. _photographer_olga_poppius

Restaurant Elsa is a culinary gem aiming for Michelin star recognition.

Sirly Ylläsjärvi’s deep appreciation for Lapland’s pristine environment and cultural richness is evident in every aspect of her business. As a passionate fly fisherwoman, Sirly collects mushrooms and berries for her restaurant, grows herbs in her arctic garden during the summer, and hunts in the autumn. This hands-on approach ensures that her dishes are fresh and deeply connected to the land.

Her culinary journey began with notable appearances on the world-renowned MasterChef competition, where she showcased her exceptional skills both as an amateur and later as a professional. These experiences fueled her ambition and led her to establish her business empire in Lapland, with aspirations to extend her influence globally.

Aurora Estate: A Sanctuary of Peace and Rejuvenation

Aurora Estate is Sirly’s boutique hotel, offering an intimate experience with just seven exquisitely appointed rooms. This exclusivity ensures personalized attention and a tranquil environment for all guests. Each stay during the winter includes exclusive access to a morning sauna, invigorating ice swimming, and a gourmet breakfast served at the table. Aurora Estate is the only hotel in Lapland to offer the exhilarating experience of ice swimming in a lake, enhancing its reputation as a sanctuary of peace and rejuvenation.

Sirly’s commitment to luxury and tranquillity is reflected in every detail of Aurora Estate. “Lapland is a place where you can truly relax, forget your worries, and let your stress levels drop to zero,” says Sirly. Her team organises even the most demanding client’s wishes, ensuring a bespoke experience that caters to individual needs.

Elsa: Redefining Culinary Excellence

Restaurant Elsa is at the heart of Sirly’s culinary empire, a dining experience like no other. Aiming for Michelin star recognition, Elsa seats only 18 guests at a communal table, fostering a sense of community and unique interaction among diners. This setup makes every evening at Elsa a memorable experience, where guests never know who they might meet.

Sirly Ylläsjärvi crafts the menu at Elsa using the finest local and Nordic ingredients, strongly emphasising sustainability and ecological practices. In a bold move towards modern dining, the restaurant eliminates physical menus, opting for a dynamic, paperless system. Diners are treated to a seasonal array of dishes highlighting the simplicity and purity of Finnish Lapland’s culinary heritage.

The offerings at Elsa include artisan bread made from grain cultivated on Finland’s clean soil, homemade pasta crafted from domestic organic eggs, and freshly caught Arctic grayling from Muonio. Each dish celebrates local ingredients, skillfully transformed into gourmet creations that reflect Sirly’s 14 years of experience in Lapland.

A Vision for Global Recognition

Sirly Ylläsjärvi’s ambitions extend beyond the borders of Lapland. Her vision is to introduce the world to the enchanting luxury and sustainable practices of Arctic dining. By blending traditional recipes with modern techniques, Sirly creates menus that are both innovative and deeply rooted in her homeland’s rich culinary heritage.

Her dedication to promoting Lapland’s tranquillity and discreet service has made her a sought-after private chef for high-profile clients. “I’m happy to help organize even the most demanding client’s wishes,” Sirly asserts. Her ability to cater to individual preferences while maintaining the highest service standards has solidified her reputation as a leader in the luxury hospitality industry.


Sirly Ylläsjärvi’s contributions to Arctic luxury and sustainable dining are unparalleled. Her passion for showcasing Lapland’s natural beauty and cultural heritage through her hotel and restaurants has created a unique niche in the hospitality industry. For those seeking an unforgettable retreat in the heart of Finnish Lapland, Sirly Ylläsjärvi offers an enchanting and luxurious experience.

Discover the enchanting beauty and peaceful luxury of Finnish Lapland with Sirly Ylläsjärvi. Let her team create an unforgettable retreat for you at Aurora Estate and Restaurant Elsa, where every detail is perfectly crafted, and sustainability is at the forefront of the experience.

Explore more about Sirly Ylläsjärvi’s ventures and the luxurious experiences she offers by visiting Aurora Estate and Restaurant Elsa.




Written by: Madhura Katti