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COEXIS~1Simonne McDonald-Hewett, founder and CEO of coexiste, took a hard look around her home when her human children set off to college. Faced with her two remaining four legged children, Stormie & Scotchie, and their unsightly crate, she had a lightbulb moment. Lucky for all of those who value aesthetic alongside function, coexiste was born. Now, elegantly designed, quality crafted furniture and accessories that make living with your furry family members a beautiful coexistence is officially available to trade and consumers.
I started coexiste because I wanted to give my pups a comforting pet home that complemented my own. I was on mission to prove that a pet-friendly home and a beautiful home can be one in the same, explains Simonne McDonald-Hewett, founder and CEO, coexiste.
The customizable, made to last, 100% recyclable “Ripple” in small and medium is the first to launch in the line. Breathable walls and an optional door keep pets safe and cozy. 3D-printed in American microfactories, the frame is 100% reusable composite and ash wood that’s been sustainably harvested from West Virginia’s Appalachian forest. Built to withstand coasterless drinks, high-velocity slobber, and aggressive tail-wags, it will last a lifetime.
Furthermore, coexiste offers a to-the-trade program for interior designers that includes 30% off, a world of body color and wood stain customization options and predictable 8 week lead times.
Coexiste is built on collaboration and shared values. Partners include Haddy, a 3D-printed furniture manufacturer dedicated to the radical approach of full circularity of its products. The sustainable, natural, hypoallergenic pet beds are sourced from White Lotus Home, a group of artisans that have been handcrafting natural, sustainable bedding in their New Jersey workshop since 1981. They’ve designed coexiste’s pet beds to minimize their impact on the planet, stay fresher longer, and be used for life. Lastly, a portion of proceeds go to SPCA Tampa Bay, an all-access animal shelter, the only non-profit in their area that provides housing and veterinary services to every animal that comes their way, and is the only one of its kind in their region.
Ditch the unsightly crate…there is finally a pet home everyone can live with. For more information visit wecoexiste.com