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manhattan-1567114_640Making the Most of it! Here we go, yet again…

Manhattan Island is a very tight package. Very few people know or need to care that the entire Island is only 22.7 square miles…or about 60 square kilometres in area.

But the entire world seems to understand that Manhattan packs a heck of a lot into its seemingly tiny footprint!

Making the most of it is almost an art form, and we’ve tried to tie down just a sample of how we make the most of Manhattan.

Take a big bite of the Big Apple! PLAN!

There are heaps to digest, and timing is the biggest challenge. Plan for any visit to New York City.

First, pick your beds carefully based on location. My all-time favourite is the Beacon Hotel on Broadway because it feels like home. Great eateries and greengrocers are linked to delis and diners just across the way, walking quickly into Central Park and the Museum of Natural History. Did we mention that the subway is just down a New York City block?NEW YORK CITY -MARCH 25: Times Square, featured with Broadway Theaters and animated LED signs, is a symbol of New York City and the United States, March 25, 2012 in Manhattan, New York City.

I adore the team and staff. They continually seem to be inspired to provide good service with a smile. If ever they’re booked, I head straight for the Time Square area. Ticker tape, a sea of yellow cabs, curbside food ‘Vendees, ‘ and just the vibe outside the hotel’s front door? Magical!

Shop around—there’s no shortage, and some of the best watering holes and eating places are on Hell’s Kitchen’s doorstep.

Again, do the homework beforehand or get your travel guru cracking. When major conventions and concerts are in ‘the apple’, beds may be high priced or like a hen’s molars to acquire.

Cut the Lines & Save Time!

We can’t say enough good things about CityPass™. They’ve been ‘knocking it out of the park’ for almost two decades now in New York. If time is money, you’ll save heaps by stepping to the front of the lines and flashing the pass. You’ll thank us later for tipping you in on CityPass.

Broadway Inbound?  You Bet!

Jump on the internet and lock in the seats you want for anything Broadway Shows and beyond.  For last-minute seats, make your way to the corner of Broadway and 42nd Street to the kiosk of TKTS. The lines may be long, but the discounts are deep for Broadway, Off-Broadway, Way off Broadways and other shows. But be prepared to see the show on the day; they are all last-minute tickets. If you need to ‘throw money at a must-see show, jump onto STUB HUB. You’ll pay, but they often can find seats for shows no one else on the planet seems to be offering. And the deal is secure. Avoid scalpers!

“Almost everything ever said about Manhattan is true. And so is the complete opposite…” – James Ferrell 1956

Where To Start Your Adventure!  Shop Around.

Move your mouse merrily and plan well before putting the key in the front door. You’ll enrich the adventure beforehand, add money to spend on the shopping, and spend less time in the lines. Take our word for it; this is not our first Manhattan rodeo.

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Written by:  Mark William Sheehan