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Ladder 8 Ghostbusters Firehouse Tribeca Manhattan, NYC Courtesy, Vincent TulloNew York City, the sprawling metropolis often dubbed ‘The Big Apple,’ transcends its physical boundaries to become a central character in the beloved Ghostbusters franchise. As the latest instalment, “Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire,” makes its grand debut, the city’s iconic landmarks once again steal the spotlight, offering die-hard fans and curious newcomers a tangible connection to the film’s spectral adventures.

Manhattan Bridge – Manhattan, NYC - Courtesy, Julienne Schaer

Manhattan Bridge.

The narrative of “Ghostbusters” intertwines deeply with the fabric of New York City, from the eerie stacks of the Public Library to the bustling streets of Columbia University. Each location, meticulously chosen, adds a layer of authenticity and excitement, transforming these everyday sights into portals to a fantastical universe.

At the Heart of Ghostly Tales: New York Public Library

Situated at Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street intersection, the New York Public Library is a bastion of knowledge, with its majestic structure housing centuries of literature. The original “Ghostbusters” movie introduced us to its first supernatural encounter. While the underground stacks remain off-limits to the public, visitors can still marvel at the grandeur of the restored Rose Main Reading Room or mimic Ray Stantz’s iconic dash down the library’s marble steps.

Academic Pursuits and Paranormal Activity: Columbia University

Lincoln Center UWS NYC - Courtesy, Kate Glicksberg

Lincoln Center UWS NYC.

The hallowed halls of Columbia University serve not only as a top-tier educational institution but also as a recurring backdrop for the Ghostbusters’ scholarly and spectral escapades. Though conducting ESP tests on unsuspecting students is not advisable, the campus offers plenty to explore—from the awe-inspiring Low Memorial Library to the serene campus green, rumoured to host its ghostly residents.

From Firehouse to Ghostbusters HQ: Ladder Company 8

No tour of Ghostbusters’ New York would be complete without a visit to the Ladder Company 8 firehouse in Tribeca. This functioning fire station, masquerading as the Ghostbusters’ headquarters, is famed for its movie-inspired sidewalk art and the mythical fire pole. “Frozen Empire” sees a heartwarming reunion at this site, blending nostalgia with new narratives.

Dana Barrett’s Haunted Abode: 55 Central Park West

Tavern on the Green – Manhattan, NYC - Courtesy, Maura Daley

Tavern on the Green – Manhattan, NYC.

The upscale apartment building at 55 Central Park West, also known as “Spook Central,” offers more than just luxurious living; it’s a key site of supernatural occurrences in the films. Architectural enthusiasts will appreciate its art deco facade, while film buffs might recall its role as the gateway for otherworldly beings.

The Divide Between Societies: Tavern on the Green

Across from Dana Barrett’s apartment lies Tavern on the Green, a high-end restaurant offering a front-row seat to the chaos of the supernatural. The eatery’s elegant glass walls starkly contrast the comedic terror unfolding outside, epitomizing the film’s blend of horror and humour.

Bureaucratic Battles and Ghostly Gatherings: City Hall

Columbus Circle – Upper West Side, NYC | Courtesy, Lanna Apisukh

Columbus Circle – Upper West Side, NYC.

City Hall’s cinematic counterpart hosts pivotal scenes, including comedic confrontations that play out under the watchful eyes of New York’s mayor and other dignitaries. In “Frozen Empire,” this location again becomes a central stage for the Ghostbusters’ antics.

Other Noteworthy Locations:

  • Lincoln Center and its picturesque plaza are romantic backdrops in the series, ideal for a leisurely visit.
  • Manhattan Bridge, a less celebrated but equally impressive structure than its Brooklyn counterpart, provides a scenic route for introspective discussions among the characters.
  • National Museum of the American Indian and 33 St. Mark’s Place offer glimpses into the city’s diverse cultural and historical layers, each with a touch of cinematic magic.

    Coney Island – Brooklyn, NYC | Courtesy, Brittany Petronella

    Coney Island – Brooklyn, NYC

New York City Tourism + Conventions: Energizing the City Through Film

New York City Tourism + Conventions is pivotal in promoting these iconic locations as tourist attractions and integral parts of the city’s cultural narrative. Their efforts ensure that each visitor experiences the vibrancy and diversity of New York City, with a special nod to its cinematic heritage.

“Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire” continues to build on this rich tradition, blending the old with the new, as both original and new characters come together to save their beloved city. Directed by Gil Kenan and featuring a star-studded cast, the film invites audiences to rediscover New York through the lens of its most quirky and beloved ghost hunters.




Written by: Christine Nguyen