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Indonesia's Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.In an ambitious move to reshape global perceptions and foster sustainable growth, the Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economy of Indonesia is hosting the illustrious Wonderful Indonesia Co-Branding Forum (WICF) for the seventh consecutive year. This landmark forum, slated for 2024 at the Ashley Hotel Jakarta, is not just an event but a beacon of innovation in the tourism and creative economy sectors.

Under the astute leadership of Deputy Ni Made Ayu Marthini and Director of Marketing Communications Yohanes De Brito Titus Haridjati, the forum has successfully attracted 76 eager partners ready to embrace and promote the ‘Wonderful Indonesia’ brand. Since its inception in 2017, WICF has become a pivotal platform for dialogue and strategic planning, focusing on enhancing the tourism experience through collaborative efforts and innovative marketing strategies.

Indonesia Ministry Tourism Creative Economy

Mrs. Ni Made Ayu Marthini, the Deputy for Marketing of Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy

This year’s forum emphasizes robust engagement with partners, fine-tuning of marketing initiatives, and scouting for new collaborative ventures, all aimed at propelling Indonesia to the forefront of the global tourism stage. Deputy Marthini’s vision for a sustainable partnership ecosystem is poised to integrate green practices with local cultural and economic upliftment, underpinning the broader goals of the forum.

“Embracing a green economy is not just a policy but a commitment to our future,” remarked Deputy Marthini. “Our concerted efforts are aimed at fostering an environment where sustainable tourism and local prosperity go hand in hand.”

The 2024 WICF is more than an event; it is a strategic endeavour to enhance Indonesia’s global competitiveness in tourism. By leveraging the synergy between government bodies and the private sector, the forum seeks to craft a unique tourism narrative highlighting Indonesia’s rich cultural tapestry and breathtaking natural landscapes.

Participants include diverse stakeholders, from government officials to industry leaders and creative minds, all united by a common goal to elevate Indonesia’s tourism profile. The forum focuses on increasing partner engagement and exploring innovative approaches to market the Indonesian brand on a global scale.

With sustainability at its core, the initiative aims to harness the collective capabilities of its partners to develop immersive tourism experiences that respect and preserve Indonesia’s environment and cultural heritage. This strategic focus is expected to yield significant benefits, including enhanced visitor experiences and increased international interest in Indonesia as a top travel destination.

As the world turns its eyes towards Indonesia, the Wonderful Indonesia Co-Branding Forum stands ready to chart a new course for responsible tourism that is as enchanting as it is responsible. This pioneering forum promises to catalyse change, setting new benchmarks for global tourism practices and fostering a legacy of growth and sustainability.




Written by: Christine Nguyen