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Nikki Beach Hospitality Group - logoIn an ambitious leap forward, Nikki Beach Global has rebranded to Nikki Beach Hospitality Group, ushering in a new epoch of luxury hospitality after more than 25 years of pioneering the beach club and resort industry. This transformative move was marked by introducing a novel restaurant concept, Lucia, launched in March 2024, signifying a diversification of the brand’s celebrated portfolio.

Lucia Penrod, the Co-Founder, Owner, and CEO of Nikki Beach Hospitality Group, announced this strategic evolution. “We’re thrilled to announce the evolution of Nikki Beach Global into Nikki Beach Hospitality Group,” said Penrod. “With the addition of Lucia Cannes to our portfolio, we are poised to continue expanding our brand into metropolitan and winter locations, while simultaneously nurturing the Nikki Beach brand in our traditional coastal destinations.”

This evolution is not merely a change in name but a significant stride towards broader geographical and market penetration. The group aims to enhance its global presence with upcoming openings across the Middle East, Asia, and the Caribbean, emphasizing its commitment to both innovation and tradition in the luxury lifestyle sector.

Founded in 1998 by visionaries Jack and Lucia Penrod, Nikki Beach initially set the standard for luxury beachfront entertainment. Today, the brand is synonymous with high-end experiences, offering everything from upscale resorts and beach clubs to residences and lifestyle boutiques. This rebranding to Nikki Beach Hospitality Group reflects a natural progression, aiming to encapsulate a broader spectrum of luxury hospitality services under one umbrella.

The introduction of the Lucia brand, with its flagship location in Cannes, represents the group’s response to the growing demand for versatile dining experiences catering to affluent travellers in urban and vacation settings. Lucia will become a hallmark of sophistication and culinary excellence within the hospitality industry.

As Nikki Beach Hospitality Group continues to innovate and expand, it remains committed to delivering unforgettable moments and premium dining experiences to its discerning clientele worldwide. This strategic expansion and diversification are poised to set new benchmarks in the luxury lifestyle and hospitality market.

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Written by: Michelle Warner