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Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club - Nanyuki, KenyaIn a groundbreaking development, the esteemed Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club has unveiled its latest offering: all-year-round eco-safaris and a range of captivating outdoor activities across the Mount Kenya and Laikipia regions. This initiative not only promises a departure from conventional safaris but also an enriched engagement with the untouched beauty of the Kenyan wilderness.

Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club - Nanyuki, Kenya

Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club – Nanyuki, Kenya

Nestled on the verdant slopes of Mount Kenya within the exclusive Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy, the renowned hotel and leisure complex is famous for providing more than just luxury accommodations. It’s a gateway to authentic experiences and close encounters with nature’s rarest creatures. Here, adventure seekers can revel in experiences that extend beyond the well-trodden paths of the Mara region’s famed wildebeest migration.

Founded by Hollywood legend William Holden in the 1960s, the Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club today is a beacon of heritage and luxury. Following extensive refurbishments, the hotel has reaffirmed its commitment to preserving the natural environment, nurturing lush indigenous forests and diverse wildlife within its conservancy.

Throughout the year, guests are presented with a kaleidoscope of activities that transcend the traditional safari narrative. These include bespoke eco-safaris, Big Five tracking, and unique culinary experiences inspired by the wild. The property also offers immersive cultural, historical, and cinematic experiences, showcasing the rich tapestry of Kenyan heritage.

Laikipia & Mount Kenya Signature Activities

Laikipia & Mount Kenya Signature Activities.

A stay at the Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club starts at USD 300 per night for double occupancy, with breakfast included. This pricing is comprehensive of taxes, making it an accessible luxury for those keen to sustainably explore Kenya’s vibrant ecosystems.

The UNESCO-recognized wonders of the Mara, particularly the great migration dubbed the 7th Wonder of the World, draw scores of visitors from June to September. However, the conservancies of Mount Kenya and Laikipia invite visitors to discover nature’s transformative journey throughout the year. From the majestic rebirth of landscapes in vibrant greens to the enchanting chorus of birdsong and the flourishing of wildlife, the region offers a theatre of natural wonders.

Notably, the Laikipia conservancies and the towering Mount Kenya, Africa’s second-highest peak, have risen as flagship destinations. They offer sanctuary to critically endangered species such as the black and white northern rhinoceros and the majestic mountain bongo antelope. The diverse flora, including savannahs, lush forests, waterfalls, and tranquil blue pools, further elevates the region as the ultimate destination for eco-safari experiences.

In conclusion, the Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club is not just preserving the magic of these landscapes. Still, its innovative approach to sustainable travel actively enhances the eco-tourism circuit. In doing so, it supports the ecosystem’s circular economy, makes a significant contribution to conservation efforts, and offers guests a luxury experience that is both memorable and meaningful.




Written by: Michelle Warner