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50 Degrees North - logoIn a journey marked by cultural immersion and unparalleled hospitality, eleven distinguished travel agents from Australia and New Zealand have embarked on an extraordinary adventure through the Nordic capitals of Oslo, Stockholm, and Helsinki. Facilitated by the prestigious collaboration between 50 Degrees North and The Leading Hotels of the World, this exclusive FAM (familiarization) tour promises an unrivalled exploration of the region’s treasures, from its historical landmarks to its culinary delights.

Guided by the expertise of Brooke Schjellerud, Director of Global Sales at 50 Degrees North, and Co-Owner Tietse Stelma, the agents are on a mission to delve deep into the essence of Nordic hospitality. Commencing on April 4th and extending until April 12th, 2024, this immersive journey offers a comprehensive understanding of the Nordic travel experience, ensuring that these agents return home with invaluable insights and expertise.


The adventure commenced amidst the vibrant streets of Oslo, where agents found themselves enraptured by the city’s rich history and cultural tapestry. Guided tours led them through iconic landmarks such as the Vigeland Statue Park and the Kon-Tiki Museum, offering a glimpse into Norway’s storied past. Culinary experiences at renowned establishments like Engebret restaurant and Teatercafeen tantalized their taste buds, complemented by the legendary hospitality of Hotel Continental.

Stepping into the Swedish capital, agents were greeted by a symphony of architectural marvels and cultural wonders. From the opulent Royal Palace to the maritime splendour of the Vasa Museum, each corner of Stockholm revealed a story waiting to be told. A backstage tour at the ABBA Museum, led by Director and Curator Ingmarie Hallin, offered a nostalgic journey through the music legends’ heyday. Luxurious stays at the Grand Hotel Stockholm and exquisite dining at the Veranda Restaurant epitomized the essence of Swedish hospitality.

The journey culminated in the vibrant streets of Helsinki, where agents immersed themselves in the city’s eclectic culture. Explorations of Suomenlinna Fortress and Helsinki City Hall showcased the city’s historical significance, while moments of relaxation at Hotel St George provided a serene interlude. Culinary delights at Hotel Kämp offered a tantalizing glimpse into Finnish gastronomy, rounding off the agents’ Nordic odyssey on a delectable note.

As the FAM tour unfolds, each day brings forth discoveries and unforgettable experiences, weaving a tapestry of memories that will linger long after the journey’s end. From the majestic fjords of Norway to the quaint cobblestone streets of Finland, the Nordic capitals have opened their arms to these intrepid agents, offering a glimpse into a world where hospitality knows no bounds.

For those eager to embark on their Nordic adventure, information about 50 Degrees North and its offerings for travel agents can be found at fiftydegreesnorth.com/agents.




Written by: Bridget Gomez