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Pan Pacific Hotels Group (PPHG) proudly announces that PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore, has been honoured with the “Global Model of Ecological Restoration and Protection Award 2023” at the Sustainable Cities And Human Settlements Awards (SCAHSA), which is supported by the United Nations Environment Programme. The award ceremony took place at the 18th Annual Session of Global Forum on Human Settlements & COP28. This recognition underscores PPHG’s unwavering commitment to sustainable hospitality and environmental stewardship.

This award marks PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore’s second consecutive triumph at the SCAHSA, and comes in the wake of Pan Pacific Hotels Group’s recent attainment of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) Industry Criteria for Hotels certification for its Singapore properties. These accolades reflect the broader ethos of the PARKROYAL COLLECTION brand. PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering and PARKROYAL COLLECTION Kuala Lumpur, both renowned for their sustainable initiatives, contribute significantly to this shared commitment. As the PPHG continues to solidify its commitment to sustainability and reinforce its position as a leader in environmentally conscious hospitality, the PARKROYAL COLLECTION brand is at the forefront of these efforts. Launched in 2020, PARKROYAL COLLECTION properties integrate environmentally friendly initiatives into their operations and design to minimize their environmental footprint.

PARKROYAL COLLECTION Kuala Lumpur exemplifies the PARKROYAL COLLECTION brand’s commitment to sustainability through its green design and operational practices. Featuring biophilic landscaping and eco-chic design, the hotel boasts roof terraces showcasing 13,000 square feet of plants and trees, alongside 78 sky planters forming a distinctive landscaped façade.  The hotel’s initiatives include the use of filtered water systems in rooms, a food waste digester to manage organic waste efficiently, and a strict no single-use plastics policy, demonstrating its dedication to sustainability pillars.

PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering in Singapore stands as a beacon of eco-conscious luxury, renowned for its iconic “hotel-in-a-garden” concept. The hotel’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its innovative green design, which includes 262 solar panels generating 65,004 kilowatt-hours of energy annually and rainwater harvesting systems saving 6 million liters of water per year. Additionally, the hotel boasts an Urban Farm with over 50 varieties of greens, reducing reliance on food deliveries and ensuring fresh ingredients for guests while lowering the carbon footprint. Furthermore, 51% of guest room corridors are naturally ventilated, featuring waterscapes and green walls that reduce energy required to cool the building by absorbing heat, shading hard surfaces, and lowering the temperature. Through these initiatives, along with efforts to reduce single-use plastics, implement recycling initiatives, and forge partnerships for sustainable practices, PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering exemplifies leadership in sustainable hospitality, offering guests an immersive experience in harmony with nature.

Gaining this recognition saw PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore going through rigorous criteria, showcasing its commitment to Resource Conservation and Efficiency, Pollution Prevention, Ecosystem Monitoring, Environmental Protection Publicity and Education. PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore has implemented a range of initiatives to reduce its environmental impact. 210 solar panels generate 115,970 kWh annually, whilst motion sensors regulate energy use in public spaces and guestrooms, resulting in a total annual saving of 151,666 kWh. The double-glazed glass and the low-emissivity of the Atrium Skylight allows natural daylight, while rejecting heat (4W/m2) into the atrium. An on-property food waste digester – much like the one at PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering in Singapore – can process up to 1 ton of food waste daily, converting it into greywater which is responsibly discharged into sewage instead of a landfill.

Additionally, PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore collaborates with Nespresso to compost used coffee grounds for the hotel’s urban farm. With over 60 varieties of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers, the Urban Farm exemplifies the trifecta of the hotel’s farm-to-table, farm-to-bar and farm-to-spa concepts. The produce is used in its restaurants and bars, as well as its award-winning spa, St. Gregory. The property also boasts a 13m high green wall upon entry, along with sculptural bird-like cages creating a natural forest landscape, enhancing the “garden-in-a-hotel” concept with more than 2,400 shrubs and trees.

Situated in Singapore’s Marina Bay area, PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore offers luxurious accommodations with stunning waterfront views. With award-winning dining, state-of-the-art meeting facilities, and a strong commitment to sustainability, the hotel provides a unique blend of comfort and eco-consciousness. Its prime location ensures easy access to Marina Bay’s attractions, making it an ideal choice for a memorable stay in the heart of Singapore.

PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore epitomises the PARKROYAL COLLECTION brand promise, which places sustainable hospitality at the forefront.