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Flight Centre - Corporate Traveller - logoMaintaining health and wellness during business travel has never been more paramount in an era where the corporate world is increasingly global. Tom Walley, the Australian-based Global General Manager for Corporate Traveller, alongside Tod Horton, Global Business Leader at Healthwise, unveils a revolutionary approach to navigating the perils of travel fatigue, unhealthy eating habits, and the sedentary lifestyle often associated with business trips. This initiative marks a significant collaboration between Flight Centre Travel Group’s flagship corporate divisions, FCM Travel, Corporate Traveller, and Healthwise, aiming to redefine how corporate travellers maintain their health and vigour.

Unveiling the Secret to Thriving on the Move

Business travel is returning robustly, with corporates eager to reconvene for face-to-face meetings, events, and conferences. However, the resurgence brings with it the challenges of early morning flights and back-to-back meetings, which can significantly impact energy levels and overall health. Recognizing the duty of care to their employees, Walley shares that Flight Centre Travel Group is at the forefront, offering a corporate wellness program through Healthwise. This initiative is designed to inspire and guide employees towards leading their healthiest and happiest lives, even amidst the demanding nature of business travel.

Horton further emphasizes the commitment to employee well-being, highlighting practical yet effective strategies to maintain and enhance health on the road. From simple measures like walking the plane’s length to comprehensive health kits, these tips ensure every business traveller can find balance and vitality, no matter their schedule.

The Seven Pillars of Health on the Road

  1. The Traveler’s Health Kit: A well-prepared health kit can be a lifesaver on the road, equipped to manage minor injuries, illnesses, and pre-existing conditions. Essential items include adhesive bandages, antiseptic solution, painkillers, and allergy medications, ensuring you’re prepared for any eventuality.
  2. The Perfect Pre-Airport Ritual: Preparation is vital the night before flying. From packing healthy snacks to ensuring a restful sleep, these steps can significantly mitigate travel stress and set the tone for a successful trip.
  3. Strategic Seat Selection: Long flights can strain your body. Choosing an aisle seat allows for more effortless mobility and encourages regular stretches and walks to keep the blood flowing.
  4. Hydration over Caffeine and Alcohol: Staying hydrated is crucial, especially in the dry cabin air. Opt for water or hydration tablets over diuretic beverages to maintain optimal hydration levels.
  5. Balanced Meals in Moderation: Avoid the pitfalls of processed sugars and oversized meals. Opting for balanced, moderate portions can sustain energy levels and prevent crashes.
  6. Maintain Movement: Don’t let travel disrupt your exercise routine. Simple in-room exercises or short walks can significantly affect how you feel and perform.
  7. Vigilant Infection Control: In the age of COVID-19 and influenza, basic hygiene practices are your best defence against illness. Regular handwashing and sanitizing high-touch areas can safeguard your health.

A Blueprint for Health-Conscious Business Travel

This holistic approach to business travel health is more than a set of tips; it’s a blueprint for fostering a culture of wellness within the corporate travel industry. Companies like Flight Centre Travel Group and Healthwise are leading a paradigm shift towards more sustainable and health-conscious business travel practices by equipping travellers with the knowledge and tools to prioritise their health.

As corporate travel continues to evolve, the commitment to employee wellness remains a guiding principle, ensuring that every trip is not just a journey between destinations but a step towards a healthier, more vibrant life.




Written by: Anne Keam