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TravMedia_Australia_medium-sized_1623953_P1200025Located in the vibrant neighborhood of Seminyak where beautiful shorelines meet lively culture, Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach is proud to take part in cultivating sustainable tourism in the area since approximately 3 years ago and to date. With a commitment to environmental stewardship, the 5-star resort has been consistently implementing various initiatives that not only repurpose and revalue its potential wastes but also contribute positively to the local community. From recycling waste and saving energy to working hand in hand with nonprofit organizations, the hotel is dedicated to a greener future, step by step.

One of the most recent activations at Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach is a rice field planting program in Mengwi area, where the hotel team works together with local farmers to cultivate the plants. The end purpose would be to donate parts of the cultivation to foundations in need, help support local farmers, and preserve the region’s agricultural heritage. This program is also crafted as a hands-on experience where guests can participate in traditional Balinese farming practices.

Additionally, Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach has celebrated Nyepi or Silent Day with Surfing Kebo Ijo Ogoh-Ogoh. On the night before Nyepi, the people of the island usually parade around the neighborhood with the “ogoh-ogoh”, a monstrous figure that embodies evil aspects that need to be purged before Silent Day. This year, the resort celebrated Nyepi by creating its ogoh-ogoh, built by its very own staff and made from 80% recycled materials such as paper waste, bamboo, worn hotel fabrics, used ropes, and more. This unique initiative aims to repurpose materials and represents the hotel’s zest to produce environmentally friendly results.

Further into the recycling efforts, the hotel also works with ChopValue, a circular economy furniture and design company that repurposes chopsticks as sustainable and reusable resources. The beacon of the partnership is to collect and convert used chopsticks from the F&B outlets, so instead of throwing them away after one-time use, they would be picked up, gathered, and meticulously designed into various kinds of products and furniture, such as wall décor, tables, chairs, and more. This effort has decreased kitchen waste and resulted in more than 4 kilograms of recycled chopsticks and skewers since July 2023, and more to date.

Moreover, Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach has taken steps to conserve water by repurposing used water from guest rooms to water its plants and lush greeneries. The hotel has also installed numerous water savers in its outlets to ensure water usage is more efficient, all the while implementing training and mindful water usage for each of the employees.

Another notable effort by the hotel is its partnership with Scholars of Sustenance (SOS), a nonprofit organization that combats food waste and hunger by collecting proper surplus food from its hospitality partners, including Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach. This step not only reduces food and carbon dioxide waste but also supports the local community by providing meals to those who are in need.

Through these and other sustainable initiatives, Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach is settling to strive for more eco-conscious efforts. By blending luxury with sustainability, the hotel is not only reducing its environmental impact but also creating meaningful connections with guests and giving back to the local community.