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Trip.com announces the success of its March 3.3. promotional campaign, following the footsteps of widely recognised e-commerce events like Black Friday and Double 11.

These double-date promotions have gained significant traction across Asia, and are in response to the shifting global e-commerce landscape and consumers’ inclination to maximise savings through lower prices and promotions.

Such events offer valuable opportunities for brands to achieve multiple marketing objectives, including driving sales, increasing app downloads, and improving customer engagement and loyalty.

In particular, the highly popular Trip.com Double Date promotions are expected to expand, providing consumers with exclusive discounts and special offers that can help them save money and enjoy unique travel experiences throughout the year, including other dates such as 7.7, 9.9 and 11.11.

Increased GMV and rich mobile app downloads globally

This year’s 3.3 mega sale attracted over 700 million impressions across multiple product lines, including flights, hotels, and attractions from markets spanning APAC, Europe and the US. The popularity of these days has further seen a record uplift in traffic year-over-year.

The success of Trip.com’s Double Date initiative across various product categories drove total gross merchandise value up compared to the 3.3 sale period last year. Impressive growth was seen across destinations, with markets such as Japan experiencing standout results in particular.

Downloads of the Trip.com app further hit a new high during the campaign, with Trip.com trending as the number one app in the free travel app rankings on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in Hong Kong SAR, South Korea and Singapore.

Trip.com’s COO, Schubert Lou, said, “Trip.com is proud to celebrate its phenomenal success with outstanding results for our 3.3 Mega Sale.

“We are confident that our double-date promotions will continue to attract global customers who seek to travel in style and comfort with the best possible deals.

“The growing popularity of our all-in-one app is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering unbeatable deals on flights, hotels, and attractions to customers worldwide.”

Trip.com has been successful in appealing to the global consumer market through its strategic branding initiatives and double-date promotions.

With the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape and the success of these double-date promotions, expect to see more great promotions across Trip.com in the future.