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Berlin –Global travel payment orchestration platform FinMont has partnered with Triple-A to integrate digital currency payments into its ecosystem.

Launched by the founders of German airline Hahn AirFinMont offers merchants from the travel industry a unique solution that unlike other options available, streamlines both B2C and B2B payments. Combining both payments into a single view will help decision-makers identify and fix inefficiencies in their current payment processes. The firm’s mission is to help travel merchants use payments as a strategic tool to stand out from competitors.

Triple-A’s digital payment solutions allow businesses to pay and get paid in digital currencies, anytime, anywhere, without the need to hold or convert digital currencies. Instead, merchants receive next-day bank settlements in their preferred local currency and are fully shielded from any volatility exposure.

As a chargeback-free, yet fully refundable payment method that simplifies cross-border transactions and offers lower processing fees, digital currency payments are being increasingly embraced by the travel industry to streamline payment operations and attract digital currency owners.

Thanks to this partnership, FinMont has incorporated Triple-A’s market-leading digital payment solutions into its ecosystem, enabling FinMont’s merchants to accept payments in digital currencies quickly and simply.

Suby ValluriCEO of FinMont, commented, “We are delighted to announce our partnership with Triple-A and incorporate their digital currency payment solutions into our global ecosystem. This partnership will strengthen and expand FinMont’s proposition for travel merchants by allowing them to tap into the many benefits of digital currency payments.”

 Eric Barbier, Founder and CEO of Triple-A added, “As the demand for digital currency payments steadily increases in the travel industry among consumers and businesses alike, Triple-A is thrilled to partner with FinMont to meet the evolving payment needs of the industry.”