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U.S. air travel soaring in February, with a 17.1% increase.In February 2024, the skies witnessed a remarkable resurgence of air passengers travelling to and from the United States, painting a vibrant picture of a world eager to explore and connect. According to the National Travel and Tourism Office (NTTO), the statistics are a testament to the undying spirit of travellers and the relentless efforts of the aviation industry in bridging continents.

With an astonishing 17.1 percent year-over-year increase, U.S. international air passenger enplanements in February reached 18.434 million. This resurgence not only signals a significant rebound but also marks a milestone, as enplanements surpassed the pre-pandemic volume of February 2019 by 107.0 percent. The data reflects a world in motion, rekindling connections and rediscovering the joys of exploration and cultural exchange.

Notably, non-U.S. citizen air passenger arrivals from foreign countries to the United States tallied up to 4.307 million, up 19.3 percent compared to February of the previous year. This figure represents a return to 92.3 percent of the pre-pandemic volumes, indicating growing confidence among international travellers in crossing borders for leisure, business, and familial connections.

The surge in air travel was not limited to any single region. While Europe witnessed a 9.6 percent increase in air passenger travel to and from the United States, Asia and the South/Central America/Caribbean regions also saw significant upticks, achieving a 19.1 percent increase compared to February 2019.

The top U.S. and foreign ports serving as gateways for these international sojourns include iconic airports such as New York’s JFK, Miami’s MIA, and London Heathrow (LHR), facilitating the flow of culture, commerce, and camaraderie across the globe.

This upward trajectory in international air travel is a beacon of hope for the travel and tourism industry, highlighting the indomitable human spirit’s desire to explore, learn, and connect. As we move forward, the skies promise to be busier, with the world growing smaller and the bonds between nations stronger.




Written by: My Thanh Pham