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“Vineyards cover most of the hills here and wines such as Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera, and Nebbiolo are perfectly paired with dishes that will make each meal a gastronomic event,” said Tourissimo co-founder Heather Dowd. “Towns like La Morra, Barolo, and Alba are perfect stops for a taste of what the region has to offer. You’ll see how connected the local people are to the land, and how they take pride in everything they produce.”

The culinary offerings of Piedmont fuse Northern Italian and French influences, with truffles and mushrooms taking center stage as seasonal highlights. Noteworthy Piedmontese specialties encompass “tajarin” (a type of fresh pasta), “bagna cauda” (a mild sauce featuring anchovies, olive oil, and garlic), “risotto” (Arborio rice cooked with diverse ingredients such as vegetables, porcini mushrooms, and cheeses), and “agnolotti” (local ravioli filled with a savory mixture of meat and vegetables).

On this special edition Chef Bike Tour guests will visit Pollenzo, where the Slow Food University of Gastronomic Science is based and learn about the Slow Food movement right at its birthplace.

“We have lost count of how many restaurants Chef Adams has opened in the last decade,” said Tourissimo co-founder Beppe Salerno. “As a James Beard Award-winning Chef, she has never stopped advocating for humanitarian and social causes. Her new restaurant, La Padrona, will be opening inside the new Raffles Hotel in Boston in 2024.


  • Some of the best regional food in Italy, including truffles, cheese, and hazelnut Gianduja chocolates
  • Two important wine regions, Langa and Roero
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site (vineyards landscape)
  • Villages of Barolo and Barbaresco, the namesakes of two world-famous red wines
  • “Slow Food” University
  • Stunning cycling along rolling hills covered with vineyards and quaint medieval villages
  • Views that stretch as far as the Alps
  • Castle-topped villages, which lend a historic and romantic feel to the area
  • Visits with producers and a truffle-hunting demo
  • Dinner at Piazza Duomo (3 Michelin Star) and Da Guido (1 Michelin Star)