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Costa Navarino Villa RentalsIn a brilliant fusion of luxury and sustainability, Costa Navarino, the Mediterranean’s jewel, has expanded its horizons by launching an exclusive Villa Rental Collection. This new venture is a testament to Costa Navarino’s commitment to sustainable luxury and a gateway for guests to indulge in the epitome of Mediterranean living.

These villas are a masterpiece of design and sustainability, set against Messinia’s sparkling Ionian Sea backdrop and nestled among ancient olive groves. Crafted by the hands of esteemed Greek architects, each villa stands as a beacon of bioclimatic architecture, seamlessly blending with the natural beauty of the southwest Peloponnese.

Costa Navarino Residences Villa Rentals Rolling Greens

Costa Navarino Residences Villa Rentals Rolling Greens.

The Villa Collection offers a rare glimpse into the coveted Costa Navarino Residences experience, allowing guests to bask in the luxury of home ownership in this serene paradise. Whether perched a breath away from the soft, sandy beaches or hidden among the verdant olive groves, the villas promise unrivalled sea and golf course vistas, accommodating up to 10 guests in spacious, elegantly designed living areas.

Ideal for those marking significant milestones, celebrating with family, or simply seeking an extended, blissful retreat with loved ones, these villas provide a place to stay and a realm to live fully. Every stay aspect is managed meticulously to ensure a seamless, hassle-free experience. Guests can lose themselves in over a kilometre of pristine sandy beach, challenge themselves on the signature golf courses, or engage in lively tennis, padel, and pickleball matches in the 17 state-of-the-art courts.

Beyond the private luxury of their villa, guests can explore over 40 dining avenues, each offering a slice of the region’s rich culinary heritage. The activities and experiences on offer are as boundless as the sea, ranging from astronomy nights that pierce the mysteries of the cosmos to philosophy walks that tread the paths of thinkers past and Messinian picnics that celebrate the simple joys of life.

Costa Navarino Residences Villa Rentals Olive Grove.

Costa Navarino Residences Villa Rentals Olive Grove.

Located within Navarino Dunes, the destination’s pioneering resort area, the villas are distributed across two enchanting neighbourhoods: The Rolling Greens, with its golf front and sea-view properties amidst lush landscapes, and The Olive Grove, a serene enclave set among centuries-old olive trees, offering panoramic vistas that captivate the soul.

Costa Navarino is more than a destination; it is a vision brought to life, a commitment to preserving Messinia’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. This vision encompasses luxurious five-star hotels, private residences, world-class golf experiences, and a kaleidoscope of activities and experiences designed to enrich every moment spent in this Mediterranean haven.

Costa Navarino’s new Villa Rental Collection awaits those yearning to immerse themselves in the luxury of the Mediterranean and to stand where history and modernity dance in harmony. Visit www.costanavarino.com to embark on a journey where luxury meets legacy, and every stay is an ode to the splendours of the Mediterranean.




Written by: Bridget Gomez