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Ministry of Tourism KSA LogoIn an unprecedented move that underscores its commitment to becoming a global tourism powerhouse, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced a multi-billion dollar investment initiative to revitalise its hospitality sector. Spearheaded by His Excellency Ahmed Al-Khateeb, the Saudi Minister of Tourism, this initiative is part of a broader effort to harness the Kingdom’s untapped potential and make it a magnet for international visitors.

At the heart of this grand vision is the Tourism Investment Enabler Program (TIEP), a meticulously designed strategy to lower barriers to business and investment in the tourism sector. With an impressive allocation of SAR 42 billion ($11 billion), the program is set to transform the Kingdom’s tourism landscape, creating a staggering 120,000 new jobs and significantly contributing to the country’s GDP.

Saudi Arabia unlocks multi-billion dollar investments as part of its wider drive to become a global tourism powerhouse

Saudi Arabia unlocks multi-billion dollar investments as part of its more comprehensive drive to become a global tourism powerhouse.

Under the auspices of Vision 2030, the Saudi government’s ambition is to attract tourists and create a sustainable ecosystem that nurtures local talent, supports Saudization, and leverages the Kingdom’s rich cultural heritage. The program’s flagship initiative, the Hospitality Investment Enablers, focuses on expanding the accommodation capacity in key tourist destinations, thereby enhancing the diversity and appeal of Saudi Arabia as a premier global destination.

Critical to TIEP’s strategy is the simplification of business processes and the reduction of operational costs. By offering access to government-owned land under favourable terms, streamlining project development processes, and implementing multiple regulatory adjustments, the initiative aims to encourage private investment across the Kingdom’s most promising tourism sites.

Moreover, the program places a significant emphasis on benefiting local communities, ensuring that the economic impact of tourism is felt widely across the Kingdom. This includes localizing services such as contracting, design, and consulting, further driving the socio-economic benefits of increased tourism.

With over $800 billion earmarked for transforming the tourism sector, Saudi Arabia is making bold strides towards achieving its Vision 2030 goals. The Kingdom has already surpassed its target of welcoming 100 million tourists, achieving this milestone seven years ahead of schedule. With the launch of TIEP and the continuous push for innovation and investment in the sector, Saudi Arabia is on course to reach an even more ambitious target of 150 million annual tourists.

The Tourism Investment One Stop Shop, set to launch later this year, embodies the Kingdom’s approach to simplifying the investment journey. By offering all tourism ecosystem services under one roof, alongside online integration and digital experiences, Saudi Arabia is streamlining the path for local and international investors to partake in this historic growth.

In his remarks, His Excellency Ahmed Al-Khateeb reflected on the transformative power of Vision 2030, highlighting the surge in demand for tourism activity licenses as a testament to the Kingdom’s burgeoning appeal. “Saudi Arabia offers the world a rich diversity of culture and experiences,” he stated, emphasizing the country’s rise as a tourism leader capable of driving economic diversification.

This initiative represents a significant milestone in Saudi Arabia’s journey to become a global tourism powerhouse. With a clear vision, strategic investments, and a focus on sustainable growth, the Kingdom is set to redefine the global tourism landscape, creating a legacy of prosperity and opportunity for future generations.




Written by: Octavia Koo