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Municipal FerryIt was time for something different. We’ve spent a busy week exploring some of Fukuoka’s sights and attractions, and there are many. Outside Fukuoka are several day trips that offer a change of pace and atmosphere and more outdoor exercise, exploration, and activities—many less than an hour away.

On this day, we chose Nokonoshima Island. It’s only a 10-minute ferry ride but transports us to another world with abundant gardens and beauty. Nokonoshima Island is a small island in Hakata Bay with a circumference of 12 km. Surrounded by sea and mountains, the island is rich and offers various seasonal flowers.

Nokonoshima Island Park views over Hakata Bay.

Enjoy the 10-minute Ferry Trip.


Municipal Ferry
A 10-minute boat trip on the Municipal Ferry can reach Nokonoshima Island. As the boat cruises past Fukuoka Tower and other buildings in the city centre, the urban landscape soon gives way to a beautiful natural landscape, and Nokonoshima Island comes into view.

 Nokonoshima Island Park

Nokonoshima Island Park opened in 1969, is Fukuoka’s flower capital. In the 150,000 m2 premise, visitors can enjoy seasonal flowers such as canola flowers in spring, sunflowers in summer, cosmos in autumn and daffodils in winter.


Nokonoshima Island Park

The park also has a restaurant, a barbecue house, and a mini zoo. “Omoide-dori” Street is lined with old-fashioned buildings such as candy shops, making children and adults alike feel as if they have stepped back in time and can enjoy all day.

Villa Sakimori

If you want to relax on Nokonoshima Island, the Villa Sakimori in the Island Park is the perfect accommodation. The detached cottages have large windows overlooking Hakata Bay. The rooms feature ocean views from the large terrace and are surrounded by greenery. The detached type of house allows for quiet time with family and friends.

Nokonoshima Island has a campsite and swimming beach. The white sandy beach is surrounded by palm trees, making you feel as if you are in a tropical resort. In summer, there are a variety of marine activities, such as floating trampolines, diving boards and banana boards. You can relax at the campsite and enjoy campfires and fireworks at night.

The seaside restaurant is a relaxing retreat overlooking Hakata Bay. It is a 5-minute walk from the ferry terminal on Nokonoshima Island and has excellent accessibility. You can enjoy lunch and BBQ with a lovely view of the sea. Nokonoshima’s staple, the Manyo Oysters, can be served in winter.

Local Delicacies

Noko Burger, the Island’s Speciality

Before we left, we enjoyed The Noko Burger, a speciality at a facility with a tourist information centre and refreshment shop next to the Island Ferry Passenger Terminal. The aroma from the shop whets the appetite. In addition to the Noko Burger, there are many other local specialities, such as Noko Udon noodles.

Nokonoshima Island is also a place rich in history, in ancient times, the island was the site of a military guard “sakimori” and was even mentioned in the Manyoshu poetry collection. It is a recommended spot for history buffs who enjoy historical romance and the rich natural environment. Take in the beauty of the scenery as it changes through the seasons, from seas of pink and white cosmos flowers in October to rows of golden sunflowers blooming after the end of the rainy season in July.

Spend a relaxing time on the island.







Written by: Richard Coles