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Have you ever visited a country’s central city, only to discover that its smaller, less populated city is just as attractive and with several advantages? Think Bologna vs. Rome, Seville vs. Barcelona, and York vs. London. Add to that Fukuoka vs. Tokyo, Osaka, etc. I will write about that in several articles – the city of Fukuoka and the island of Kyushu. We just spent two months there, and I will make a case for Fukuoka, an exciting alternative as your base. However, I want to be clear: Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo, plus many other destinations, are each in their own way, exciting, engaging, and

Yakitori is full of things to see and do.

Fukuoka City has a slogan- “Fukuoka-Next.” I will attempt to illustrate some reasons:

  • Experiencing kimonos/samurai dressing in Fukuoka can be just as unique and perhaps more accessible than in other Japanese cities.
  • Fly into Fukuoka and “open jaw” up north – to Osaka- Kyoto, and Tokyo to finish your trip.
  • Fukuoka has easy access to the island of Kyushu: Time magazine named Kyushu and the Setouchi islands are two of the most extraordinary destinations to explore in 2022.
  • Fukuoka has various cultural and traditional activities, often at less expense.
  • Access to Busan from Fukuoka – Fukuoka is the gateway to Asia.

Fukuoka City arguably has some of Japan’s best cuisine, shopping, and nightlife. Its access to incredible beaches, walks, a variety of nature, and the rich culture and historical legacy of Kyushu make it one of the best hubs in Japan, whether to live in or visit.

As a foreigner, you will also enjoy the openness of Fukuoka. You will have an easier time adapting and feel that the city is adapting to you, thanks to its culture of inclusivity and diversity.

Many of Japan’s larger cities have made “sensory overload” part of their attraction. On the other hand, Fukuoka has managed a different kind of attraction that resists overwhelming you and puts its famous, easy-going character on full display.

The airport

Considered Tokyo’s and Osaka’s more laid-back neighbour, Fukuoka surprises and delights your arrival with its quick and efficient formalities and welcome six-minute subway commute from the airport direct to downtown, where modern conveniences await without the massive and intense crowds.

With its easily walkable and navigable streets, an array of attractions, and a unique and varied dining culture that effectively links all parts of the city together through many eating choices, Fukuoka gives you plenty to write home about. Your camera will always be ready for the following picture!

Fukuoka’s longstanding history as one of Japan’s earliest hubs for international exchange has resulted in its distinct mix of cuisines, cultures, festivals, and traditions. As the largest city on Japan’s up-and-coming southernmost island of Kyushu, their hospitality and urban appeal make your visit productive, stress-free, and rewarding. We have never had such a relaxing and enjoyable trip.

Fukuoka, Japan’s “gateway to Asia,” can be your gateway to the world. “Where Hospitality and Innovation Meet.” Everything works!

Creative, enthusiastic, and ambitious, Fukuoka isn’t just a city; it is much more. With its objective of innovation and memorable hospitality, it will deliver an unforgettable experience immersed in the town’s unique personality.

The Fukuoka City provides information and services for foreign tourists to attract more visitors. A new website was recently created to promote Fukuoka City’s attractions to international tourists.

FUKUOKA CITY Official Tourist Guide; https://gofukuoka.jp/.

Our Facebook page in English: https://www.facebook.com/fukuokacvb.




Written by Richard Coles