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2024 marks 10 years of Crooked Compass delivering culturally immersive and perspective shifting travel experiences to the world’s most far-flung destinations. Lisa Pagotto is celebrating with the launch of her Founder’s Tour, an exclusive one-off departure and never-to-be-repeated itinerary combining Mongolia and Kazakhstan, hosted by the founder herself.

The Founder’s Tour will become an annual tradition, with a once-in-a-lifetime itinerary released each year to some of Lisa’s favourite and most intriguing destinations. Having travelled to more than 120 countries, she would know.

Mongolia is a top-selling destination for Crooked Compass and the brand has become the go-to for travellers seeking an authentic way of experiencing this incredible country.

“Crooked Compass was founded at the start of the experiential travel movement and we’ve helped pave the way. It’s been humbling and rewarding to play such a pivotal role as travellers have shifted to this style of travel. The pandemic reset how and why people travel and saw Crooked Compass flourish by being a market leader in this style,” said Lisa Pagotto.

The success of Crooked Compass lies in its approach to tourism in emerging or recovering destinations. In Mongolia, Crooked Compass plays an important role in helping the dwindling Tsaachin tribe keep their culture alive through supplemental income, facilitating medical attention, and engaging in a two-way cultural exchange.

“I work closely with local communities and governments to understand the impact of building tourism in their region. Sensitively introducing tourism in fragile or rebuilding economies is paramount. This is the favourite part of my job – it’s fascinating to be involved in these conversations and understand the cultural, economic and political implications,” Lisa continued.

“My vision for the business is to be one of the most impactful brands in the world. Inspiring travellers to push boundaries respectfully and seek self-education. To transform perceptions through culturally authentic travel experiences, whilst fostering economic benefit for local communities.”
The Inaugural Founder’s Tour:
Mongolia’s Golden Eagle Festival & Kazakhstan
16 days from 14,646 AUD per person
Departs 11 September, 2025

Tour highlights include:

  • Witness eagle demonstrations, horse races, and traditional Kazakh games, experiencing the agility and skill of trained golden eagles.
  • Explore the natural splendour of Terelj National Park, discovering its rock formations and the serene Aryabal Meditation Temple.
  • Traverse Charyn Canyon’s majestic landscapes, unveiling its Valley of Castles and the stunning natural formations carved over millions of years.
  • Immerse in Kazakh traditions at the Hunni Ethno Village.