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Room-Res-Island-HeaderIn a move that reshapes the landscape of travel rewards, Room-Res, the pioneering online travel booking platform dedicated to agents, has announced the launch of its most ambitious promotional campaign to date: Room-Res Island. This bold initiative offers a bespoke island experience beyond the conventional, providing luxury, adventure, and the thrill of treasure hunting on a deserted island.

Set against the backdrop of the breathtaking Whitsundays on the enchanting Daydream Island, Room-Res Island isn’t just a getaway; it’s a meticulously crafted adventure designed to honour the hardworking agents who use Room-Res. “Our agents are the treasure hunters for their clients, consistently delivering unforgettable travel experiences. It’s time they had their own adventure,” remarked James Mooring, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Room-Res.com.

This July 2024, ten fortunate agents and their guests will embark on a three-night journey. The experience promises the exhilaration of reef diving, the opulence of relaxing on a super yacht, rejuvenating spa treatments, delectable dining, and the adrenaline rush of jet-skiing. As the sun dips below the horizon, the island will come alive with beachside dancing, encapsulating the essence of the ultimate island experience.

Win the Ultimate Island Experience with Room-Res: Dive, Dine, and Discover Treasure!

Win the Ultimate Island Experience with Room-Res: Dive, Dine, and Discover Treasure!

But Room-Res takes the adventure further by reviving the age-old fantasy of a deserted island treasure hunt. One agent will stumble upon a treasure chest on a remote beach, brimming with thousands of dollars worth of prizes, adding a layer of excitement and mystery to the campaign. The quest for the treasure chest begins on February 19th, with the promotional period extending until March 31st. Agents can win an invite to Room-Res Island and their treasure map with every hotel booking on six secretly selected islands. The final four spots will be awarded based on revenue from the promotional period.

Moreover, Room-Res is enhancing its already competitive loyalty reward program, Room-Res Rewards, with a 50% bonus for every booking Australian agents make during the promotion. Additionally, agents making 20 hotel bookings within this timeframe will receive a $50 Reward bonus, further incentivizing participation and loyalty.

Ray Howe, Marketing Manager for Room-Res.com, expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming event, “The Room-Res Island getaway is not just a trip; it’s a celebration of our commitment to providing exceptional value and unique experiences for our agents. Daydream Island, with its mesmerising Living Reef, offers the perfect setting for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.”

Room-Res’s innovative campaign underscores its dedication to supporting travel agents and sets a new benchmark in the industry for creativity and agent appreciation. Room-Res remains at the forefront as the travel world evolves, redefining what it means to reward the agents who make unforgettable journeys possible.




Written by: Christine Nguyen