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A Unique Taste Adventure Awaits KFC Fans.In an unprecedented move that marries the love for exploration with the universal adoration of fried chicken, KFC Australia embarks on a mission to whisk away Aussie fans on a culinary journey like no other. Dubbed “Kentucky Fried Fly Chicken,” this initiative is a testament to KFC’s innovative spirit. It offers five fortunate fans the chance to indulge in KFC’s global menu in their countries of origin.

Imagine savouring KFC’s offerings’ crispy, spiced delights, but with a twist that transcends borders. This is precisely what awaits the winners of KFC’s latest campaign. The Colonel, known for his secret blend of herbs and spices, now dons the hat of a travel guide, leading fans to distant lands where they can experience the flavours that have captivated taste buds worldwide.

The journey begins in the palm of your hand, through the KFC App, where hidden treasures await. It’s a digital scavenger hunt that rewards not just with tantalizingly unique menu items but with the promise of an adventure. Participants are tasked with identifying items on the Australian menu that hint at international origins. This culinary puzzle leads to the chance of winning a trip to where these dishes call home.

The campaign’s first victor embarked on a gustatory excursion to Tokyo, Japan, where the Wafu Cutlet Burger—a succulent chicken fillet enrobed in panko breadcrumbs and KFC’s signature seasoning, adorned with teriyaki sauce, mayonnaise, and shredded cabbage—awaited their arrival. This experience goes beyond mere tasting, offering winners a comprehensive exploration of Tokyo’s vibrant culture, complete with tours and experiences, business class flights, four-star accommodations, and a generous stipend for further adventures.

Behind this ambitious campaign is Tami Cunningham, KFC Australia’s Chief Marketing Officer, who emphasizes the brand’s dedication to creating engaging and innovative ways for fans to interact with KFC. “Combining our fans’ love for travel with our iconic fried chicken seemed like the perfect recipe for an unforgettable adventure,” Cunningham shared. “We’re excited to see where the Colonel’s wings will take our fans next.”

As entries open, KFC enthusiasts with valid Australian passports are invited to partake in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. With a minimal requirement of $1 spent within the KFC App, participants are encouraged to dive into this immersive experience, offering a chance to win and embark on a journey of cultural and culinary discovery.

This campaign represents a bold step for KFC, blending the elements of digital engagement, culinary exploration, and travel. It’s a celebration of global flavours and the universal love for KFC, inviting fans to taste, experience, explore, and embrace the diversity of KFC’s international offerings.

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, KFC’s “Kentucky Fried Fly Chicken” campaign stands as a beacon of innovative marketing, blending the thrill of discovery with the comfort of familiar flavours. It’s an invitation to adventure, a call to explore the world through the lens of culinary delight, and a testament to the enduring appeal of the Colonel’s creations.




Written by:  Charmaine Lu