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Dine Among the Stars in Space’s First Romantic RestaurantIn an era where love knows no bounds, ApoteoSurprise transcends the traditional by launching an unprecedented, out-of-this-world dining experience set to redefine romantic gestures. Beginning in 2025, lovebirds will have the unique opportunity to elevate their proposal stories to stratospheric heights, literally. Imagine the allure of proposing during an intimate dinner, not just anywhere, but in the serene expanse of outer space, where the Earth curves beneath you, and the stars witness your love.

This experience is not merely a dinner but a voyage to the edge of our world. Upon arrival at the designated spaceport, couples will be greeted by a pilot, their guide to the stars, who will usher them into a spherical, futuristic capsule. The interior mirrors the elegance of Paris’s finest dining establishments, setting the stage for a proposal unlike any other.

Central to this celestial experience is StellarEmbrace, an AI-powered robot, a marvel of technology and heart, developed in partnership with a leading British startup. StellarEmbrace is designed to cater to the emotional and culinary needs of each couple, making the experience not just personalized but deeply intuitive. From the moment of introduction, where the robot greets the woman by name and presents her with roses, the journey transcends the boundaries of traditional dining.

As the helium-inflated balloon propels the pressurized capsule upward, couples will be treated to a tranquil ascent, with panoramic views of the Earth below. The capsule, equipped with expansive windows, offers a 360° view of our planet from 35 kilometers up, placing diners above 99% of the Earth’s atmosphere. This vantage point is not just a backdrop but a profound experience, known as the overview effect, where the vastness of space instills a deep connection with humanity and our home planet.

The dinner, a meticulously prepared five-course meal by a French Michelin-starred chef, is accompanied by a selection of wines and champagne, specially chosen to complement the culinary delights. The ambiance is further enhanced by a carefully curated playlist, featuring iconic space-themed tracks, setting the mood for a proposal that is literally and metaphorically out of this world.

The climax of the evening is as dramatic as the setting. With a playful nudge from StellarEmbrace, the suitor is reminded of an important moment yet to unfold. A luminous box, opened by a secret code, reveals an engagement ring, setting the stage for a proposal that seals their love amidst the stars.

As the capsule makes its gentle descent back to Earth, the couple’s journey from the spaceport to their tender farewells is meticulously recorded, ensuring every moment of their celestial proposal is captured for eternity.

For those dreaming of a proposal that transcends the ordinary, this service, priced at 750,000 euros, offers an unparalleled opportunity to express love in a setting that is as limitless as the emotion itself. Further details about this extraordinary experience can be found at ApoteoSurprise’s official website.

This initiative not only marks a new frontier in romantic gestures but also showcases the incredible potential of combining luxury, technology, and human emotion in creating experiences that are truly out of this world.




Written by: Octavia Koo