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AIME - logoIn an unprecedented surge of global connectivity and innovative prowess, the Asia Pacific Incentives and Meetings Event (AIME) 2024 has emerged as a colossal nexus for the international business events community. Unfurling its grandeur at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC), this year’s edition has not only outshone its predecessors but set a new benchmark in the industry, underscoring a significant evolution over the past decade.

L-R Matt Pearce, Julia Swanson, The Hon. Steve Dimopoulos MP - AIME 2024

L-R Matt Pearce, Julia Swanson, The Hon. Steve Dimopoulos MP – AIME 2024

Spanning three invigorating days from February 19th to 21st, AIME 2024 has welcomed an astonishing assembly of over 600 discerning buyers from across the globe, alongside 3,500 visitors and 570 exhibitors from diverse business event sectors. This remarkable turnout signifies a staggering 63% increase in exhibitor participation compared to 2023, solidifying AIME’s status as the quintessential platform for forging and nurturing pivotal business relationships within the Asia Pacific region.

AIME’s 2024 iteration is poised to catalyze over $200 million in business transactions, a testament to its unparalleled capacity for driving forward the global business events frontier. Owned by the Melbourne Convention Bureau (MCB) and meticulously managed by Talk2 Media & Events, this year marks the third consecutive showcase under the adept stewardship of AIME Event Director Silke Calder and her team, further elevating the event’s prestige and impact.

L-R Matt Pearce, Julia Swanson, The Hon. Steve Dimopoulos MP - Opening Press Conference AIME 2024

L-R Matt Pearce, Julia Swanson, The Hon. Steve Dimopoulos MP – Opening Press Conference AIME 2024

The event’s global appeal is underscored by the representation of 33 countries and the pre-scheduling of more than 16,000 meetings, embodying the spirit of ‘where the world meets to do business in Asia Pacific.’ In a groundbreaking move, AIME 2024 has introduced a dedicated zone for the world’s boutique experience makers, alongside the DMC Network zone, further enriching the event’s diverse and inclusive platform.

An illustrious press conference set the stage for the event’s launch, featuring luminaries such as The Hon. Steve Dimopoulos MP, alongside industry stalwarts Matt Pearce and Julia Swanson. Their insights underscored the pivotal role of AIME in the international business events calendar and its contribution to the Asia-Pacific region’s economic and cultural vibrancy.

A standout feature of this year’s event is its commitment to sustainability, with AIME joining the Net Zero Carbon Events Initiative. This global collaboration reflects a shared dedication to minimizing the industry’s environmental footprint, a sentiment echoed by MCB’s launch of the First Peoples Engagement Guide. This guide serves as a beacon for fostering culturally enriched and socially impactful business events, celebrating the rich tapestry of Aboriginal culture and heritage.

The Knowledge Program, themed around the “4Ps of GLOCALISATION,” offers a fertile ground for the exchange of global insights and local nuances, with keynote speakers Lisa Ronson and Sebastian Terry leading the charge. This program is not just a series of sessions but a crucible for innovation, networking, and professional growth, solidifying AIME’s role as a catalyst for the future of global events.

As AIME 2024 unfolds, it stands as a monumental testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and sustainability in shaping the future of business events. It’s not just an event; it’s a movement towards a more connected, sustainable, and vibrant global business community.




Written by: Michelle Warner