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WeTravel's Virtual Learning Sessions Transform Multi-Day Travel Industry - Collaborate, Learn, and Innovate TogetherTo foster unity and innovation among multi-day travel professionals, WeTravel, the premier travel business management platform, launched its pioneering virtual L(a)unch-N-Learn sessions. These sessions are poised to redefine the travel industry landscape by offering a collaborative space for learning and discussing the most pressing challenges and opportunities within the sector.

Morgan Mostrom, the visionary community manager at WeTravel, emphasized the platform’s community-centric ethos: “At the core of WeTravel is the ‘We’ – a collective of passionate individuals united by our love for travel. Our aim extends beyond providing technological solutions; we are now creating a forum for open dialogue on industry trends directly influencing growth and profitability.”

Scheduled to commence this February, the L(a)unch-N-Learn series promises to break the mold of conventional employee engagement sessions. Unlike typical internal meetings, these external gatherings are designed to simulate a virtual roundtable discussion among peers, focusing on travel-specific educational topics. The inaugural sessions will delve into two critical areas poised to shape the travel industry in the coming year: mastering inventory capacity across regions and local suppliers and integrating local payment options to cater to the evolving preferences of travellers worldwide.

The first of these sessions, “Increase Travel Bookings With Local Payment Methods,” scheduled for February 20th at noon GMT, aims to demystify leveraging local and alternative payment methods. This session will highlight WeTravel’s innovative Multi-Currency Checkout feature, a testament to the platform’s commitment to broadening market reach and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Following closely on February 22nd, the “Streamline Travel Business Operations with Inventory Management” session promises to offer invaluable insights into managing complex inventories and customizing travel experiences to meet the surge in demand for personalized, last-minute bookings. Participants will engage in discussions that explore the intricate dynamics between operators, travel advisors, OTA suppliers, and destination management companies, fostering a deeper understanding of effective operational strategies.

Mostrom elaborated on the timing of the L(a)unch-N-Learn series, “Launching during the pivotal product development season, these gatherings are not just about sharing knowledge. They’re about collectively identifying and implementing booking strategies that resonate with today’s global travelers, who demand uniquely personalized booking and payment experiences.”

With these virtual L (a)unch-N-Learn sessions, WeTravel sets a new standard for professional development and collaboration in the multi-day travel industry. By facilitating these innovative gatherings, WeTravel is reinforcing its position as a leader in travel technology and strengthening the fabric of the travel community, encouraging a culture of continuous learning, adaptation, and mutual support.

Participants eager to be at the forefront of travel industry innovation can register for the L(a)unch-N-Learn sessions through WeTravel’s resource page. These complimentary sessions represent a unique opportunity for travel professionals to connect, learn, and grow together, shaping the future of multi-day travel with every discussion.




Written by: Michelle Warner