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Global payment orchestration platform FinMont has announced a new partnership with leading B2B payments platform ConnexPay. Through this new alliance, FinMont is adding ConnexPay’s innovative all-in-one payments solution to their travel orchestration platform.

Purpose-built for the travel industry, ConnexPay’s unified payments solution aligns incoming customer payments with outgoing supplier payments, all in real time, with one contract and one reconciliation. With ConnexPay, clients get real-time access to incoming customer funds that they can use to pay suppliers, which drives significant cash flow for travel businesses.

Suby Valluri, CEO of FinMont, commented, ‘We are delighted to announce our partnership with ConnexPay and incorporate their payment platform into our global ecosystem. This partnership will strengthen and expand the FinMont proposition for Travel Merchants, allowing our clients to issue virtual cards in real-time.”

 Bob Kaufman, Founder and CEO at ConnexPay added, “ConnexPay is excited to partner with FinMont and incorporate our global payment offering into FinMont’s payment ecosystem for the travel industry. Our solution will allow FinMont’s clients use one system to both accept and make payments, unifying the entire payments process with one contract and one reconciliation for ease and convenience.”

The founders of German airline, Hahn Air, launched FinMont to offer the travel industry a unique solution that, unlike other options available, streamlines not only B2C payments but also B2B payments. Combining both payments into a single view will help decision-makers identify and fix inefficiencies in their current payment processes. The firm’s mission is to help travel merchants use payments as a strategic tool to stand out from competitors.

The FinMont platform aims to revolutionise payments by seamlessly connecting multiple banks and providers through one simple gateway. The partnership with ConnexPay will allow the global payment platform to incorporate the market-leading and innovative solution into its eco-system allowing travel merchants to issue virtual cards in real-time to one or more suppliers using incoming funds from a customer.