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Texas Eclipse Festival proudly unveils the extraordinary lineup for its “Final Contact’ announcement. A once in a lifetime celestial event that serves as a unique platform for the convergence of individuals, music, art, space, and technology, all come together to commemorate the 2024 total solar eclipse—a rare celestial phenomenon that will grant spectators over 4 minutes and 20 seconds of totality.
This is a once in a lifetime event in the heart of Texas hill country. Part Science Fair, part Circus on tap, with Ted style Talks, and a worldly music festival featuring one of the best lineups from all corners of our planet earth.  
Texas Eclipse is an unparalleled celebration of music, creativity, and cultural exchange happening at the sprawling 1300+ acres at Reveille Peak Ranch in Burnet, TX from April 5-9. Situated within the picturesque Texas Hill Country the venue features wooded forests ideal for camping, 60 miles of trails to explore, and elevated hilltops for optimal viewing and engagement with the event’s offerings.
Much more than just music; Texas Eclipse serves as a global community hub where the over  300+ performances and participants will create an unparalleled convergence of captivating experiential art installations, mesmerizing music performances, space exploration, cutting-edge technology, futurism with pioneers in web3 and AI.   These participants will offer a diverse range of experiences, including holistic and movement workshops, psychedelic sessions and the wonders of nature, transforming the raw land into a thriving Global Eclipse Village of creativity, insight, and inspiration.
These extraordinary individuals, hailing from diverse backgrounds and fields of expertise, embody the spirit of collaboration and unity that defines the Texas Eclipse Festival. Their presence adds layers of depth to an already multifaceted experience, creating a space where the universal values of unity, diversity, and exploration are not just celebrated but lived. There will be fireside chats, keynotes, round tables, experiential workshops and out of this world  performances. It’s programming fit for all ages because every inch of Reveille Peak Ranch  will bring out the inner child in you.
There’s a good reason why it’s hotly tipped by National Geographic, BBC, Thrillist and Timeout, as the ultimate global destination event to witness the celestial phenomenon. It caters not only to eclipse chasers but also to families, friends, and festival lovers offering a curated experience that encourages discovery, exploration, and participation.
Texas Eclipse is proudly produced by the award winning and beloved global festival and event promoter Disco Presents (the biggest indie promoter in Texas) – and partner, founder of See Texas Eclipse, Austin native Mitch Morales of Probably Nothing, a company that builds experiential activations at events.
Exciting additions to the already impressive music lineup  – Rhett Whatley, also known as Daily Bread, crafts electro-soul and hip-hop tracks that captivate the body. And 2024 Grammy Award Winner  FLOWDAN hails from London’s vibrant music scene. His sound is influenced by reggae and jungle beats, and he’s known for electrifying and magnetic performances. Dubstep Pioneer Skream will be rocking a full dubstep set while Belgium favorite, DJ and Producer  Charlotte de Witte will bring on her dark and stripped-back brand of acid techno and minimal techno to eagerly awaited fans.
The wonders of space and the achievements of human exploration converge as distinguished speakers recount their extraordinary extraterrestrial journeys. Texas Eclipse is extremely proud to host 11 astronauts at one conference who represent every flight provider – an extremely rare occasion.  NASA,  SpaceX Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic and  even Space Perspective. 
Chris Sembroski, an Inspiration4 Astronaut, soared to new heights aboard SpaceX’s historic civilian mission to space. As an advocate for STEM education and space exploration, his passion for pushing the boundaries of human spaceflight knows no bounds. Ron Garan, a NASA Astronaut, brings a wealth of experience in space exploration, playing a vital role in advancing our understanding of the cosmos, offering unique insight into the wonders of the universe.
Texas Eclipse Festival explores the depths of human consciousness with an impressive lineup of thought leaders and visionaries.
New York Times Bestselling author Dr. Peter Diamandis, named by Fortune as one of the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders,” has dedicated his career to pushing the boundaries of human potential and exploring the cosmos.  Diamandis helps audiences understand the pace and implications of exponential technology, and how to drive innovation within their organizations.  Diamandis is also pioneering longevity – his XPrize Foundation recently announced its new $101 million “Healthspan” XPrize, which aims to reward research teams that can develop therapies which measurably reverse age-related degradation across three domains in otherwise healthy adults aged 65-80: cognition, immune system and muscle function.
Dr. Bruce Damer has a rich background in creating digital spaces that simulate evolution and natural systems through his company BIOTA. His extensive experience working with NASA on mission simulation, and his recent co-development of a spacecraft designed to extract resources from asteroids further underscores the festival’s commitment to showcasing cutting-edge advancements in space exploration and technology.
ATX DAO will share how they are uniting Austin’s crypto communities, enabling artists and local businesses to participate in the crypto ecosystem, as well as educating the masses  about the benefits of Web3. Prepare for thought provoking panels on the benefits of blockchain technology related to community building within art, music, and mixed media.
ATX DAO is helping curate Texas Eclipse Onchain. Texas Eclipse Onchain is a stage and immersive experience featuring live music, art, and talks from thought leaders within the crypto industry that takes place within the larger Texas Eclipse Festival. Our goal is not only to craft a space for the web3 community to connect, but a welcoming zone for anyone interested in the technology to learn how to engage and receive hands-on education.
The Texas Eclipse Festival explores the depths of human consciousness with an impressive lineup of thought leaders and visionaries. In the world of consciousness and wellness practices, we welcome visionary
Dr. Andrew Weil who says, “As a practitioner and teacher of integrative medicine for the last thirty years, it has been my personal mission to drive research, education, and clinical practice to advance a philosophy of health that addresses mind, body and spirit. I believe that integrative medicine is the future of medicine and health care.” 
Adrian Grenier is an accomplished actor, filmmaker, and environmentalist.  Beyond his acclaimed performances on screen, Grenier demonstrates a profound commitment to environmental sustainability, social impact, and the interconnectedness of all life. Grenier recently launched Earth Speed Media, a think tank and content-production firm that focuses on sustainability, social responsibility and environmental stewardship.
Jamie Wheal is a Pulitzer Prize-nominated author chronicling the intersection of peak states, transformational culture, and neuroscience. His books, Stealing Fire and Recapture the Rapture have sold hundreds of thousands of copies and been translated into a dozen languages.
Grenier & Wheal will be curating a “Grief as Praise” speaker series featuring words of wisdom from leaders in the fields of psychedelic medicine and trauma relief (Dr. Rick Doblin, founder of MAPS), climate grief (Amanda Joy Ravenhill, Executive Director of the Buckminster Fuller Institute) and the creative and destructive origins of life (NASA astrobiologist Dr. Bruce Damer). Each will share their insights on how we can transform the suffering and uncertainty of our current moment and turn it into healing, community, and even praise.
Prepare to elevate your mind, body, and spirit as we announce the arrival of two luminaries in the field of yoga, movement and mindfulness: Embark on a holistic journey of movement and mindfulness with Yogi Zain, a master of yoga and wellness practices.

Fostering interactivity with renowned visual artists  Texas Eclipse welcomes two new visual and interactive artists Ritualist x Human Instruments and abstract artist Sarah Kraning.  Kraning’s work is a love letter to the beauty of sound  – born with synesthesia, she sees sound as colors, shapes, and movement.  Kraning will collaborate with musicians, painting as they play.  She’lll also be featured painting the soundscapes of nature during the eclipse, in collaboration with global conservation organization Re:wild.

These artists join a landscape dotted with exhibits by artists including MEOW WOLF, Amanda SageThe Haven, Grand Artique, and many more.
These visionaries will be joined by an all-inclusive roster of genre-defying musical talent that will be featured across six distinct music environments: Earth, Sky, Moon, Sun, Lonestar & Eclipse stages, curated and hand designed by our global partners: Symbiosis (California),  Re:birth  (Japan), Strawberry Fields (Australia), Earth Frequency (Australia),  Bachstelzen  (Germany),  Beloved 
(Oregon), Origin South Africa), Meadows in the Mountain (Bulgaria), Bass Coast (Canada), Ometeotl (Mexico), DisQo PereZoso (Costa Rica),  Cosmic Convergence  (Guatemala).
The festival’s music lineup purposely deviates from conventional styles, blending ancestral traditions with contemporary visions. Whether it’s the vocal traditions of Qawwali music, the mesmerizing melodies of Middle Eastern instruments, or the vibrancy of Latin and funk-inspired dance music, or Sufi whirling dervishes and the 24 hour pop up honoring the late Goa Gil, it all serves as a testament to the beauty of our interconnectedness while transcending geographical and cultural boundaries
Don’t miss the chance to be part of this extraordinary journey. Secure your place in the cosmic celebration at the Texas Eclipse Festival and join us for an experience that transcends the ordinary and embraces the extraordinary.


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