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Surge in Global Travel Plans for 2024: New Destinations, Adventure, and Family Trips | Explore the WorldIn a striking testament to the resilience and growing fervour of the global travel industry, a recent survey has unveiled a remarkable trend: travellers are not just returning to the skies, roads, and seas but with an unprecedented enthusiasm for discovery and adventure. The Global Rescue Winter Traveler Sentiment and Safety Survey, a bellwether for travel trends, gathered insights from the crème de la crème of seasoned voyagers, revealing a yearning for exploration that promises to reshape the contours of global tourism.

A staggering 93% of respondents are setting their sights beyond their borders, with over 41% planning three or more international escapades in 2024. This surge in travel appetite signals a robust continuation of the travel industry’s rebound, echoing the upward trajectories forecasted by experts and underscored by increasing travel volumes reported by transportation security administrations.

Dan Richards, the visionary CEO of The Global Rescue Companies and a distinguished member of the U.S. Travel and Tourism Advisory Board, emphasized the survey’s alignment with expert projections. “The results unequivocally affirm the sustained momentum of travel recovery,” Richards stated, underscoring the significant role of international travel in the global economic revival.

The survey highlights a notable shift in destination preferences, with Mexico, Canada, Europe, and Africa leading the charge. Yet, the thirst for novelty is unmistakable, as 66% of respondents expressed intentions to chart new territories, venturing into less-trodden, remote, or even slightly riskier locales. This pivot towards unspoiled destinations underscores a broader adventure and luxury travel trend, segments poised for explosive growth.

Spain, Africa, Japan, Argentina, and Italy top the list of new destinations that travellers are eager to explore, alongside Australia, Greece, Portugal, Greenland, and Norway. This eclectic mix reflects a broadening of horizons and an appetite for more immersive, adventurous experiences.

Reflecting on the post-pandemic landscape, nearly a quarter of those surveyed are planning extended stays to savour their international sojourns fully, with 21% seeking adventures that promise deeper immersion than their past travels. This trend towards more extended, enriching trips signifies a shift in travel priorities, with experiences trumping expeditions.

Moreover, the survey sheds light on the social dynamics of travel, revealing a strong preference for journeying with friends or family. However, many travellers also embrace the allure of solo travel or the camaraderie of exploring with new acquaintances, indicating a diverse range of travel experiences modern explorers seek.

As the global travel landscape continues to evolve, the insights from the Global Rescue Winter Traveler Sentiment and Safety Survey paint a picture of a world eager to explore, connect, and discover. With travellers venturing further and with more purpose than ever, 2024 is shaping up to be a landmark year for the industry, driven by a collective wanderlust that knows no bounds.




Written by: Jill Walsh