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DUEX rangeIn a groundbreaking move set to revolutionize the way Australians work, Mobile Pixels has officially unveiled its highly innovative DUEX range of portable laptop monitors in the Australian market. This game-changing technology promises to elevate productivity, mobility, and ergonomic comfort for professionals and remote workers nationwide.

Mobile Pixels, known for its trailblazing ideas that have gained tremendous support through successful Kickstarter campaigns, has once again shattered the norms with its latest product launch. The DUEX range introduces an ingenious solution that seamlessly transforms any laptop into a dual-screen powerhouse, eliminating the need for costly external monitors and creating a dynamic workspace for the modern professional.

Mobile Pixels' revolutionary DUEX range

Mobile Pixels’ revolutionary DUEX range.

The evolving work landscape in recent years has necessitated flexibility and adaptability, whether working from home or in a hybrid office setup. With the emergence of coworking spaces and shared workstations, the need for versatile tools has never been greater. Mobile Pixels’ innovative monitors are perfectly aligned with this new era of work, catering to the demands of the contemporary workforce.

One of the standout features of the DUEX range is its ability to significantly expand screen real estate without requiring additional desk space. The lightweight monitor, easily affixed to any laptop using magnetic attachments, boasts a sleek, compact design that seamlessly integrates with any computer. This makes it an indispensable productivity accessory for individuals seeking the freedom to work from virtually anywhere.

Beyond its portability, the DUEX range also prioritizes user comfort. The monitors come equipped with a built-in eye care mode that reduces blue light emissions, minimizing the risk of headaches even after extended hours of use. The DUEX Plus and DUEX Max models also feature an auto-rotate function, enabling users to switch between left and right-side setups for enhanced flexibility effortlessly.

Mobile Pixels offers a variety of options within the DUEX range to cater to diverse user preferences. The DUEX Lite, priced at $499, is the most affordable option, weighing under 600 grams and featuring a 12.5” screen. The DUEX Plus, retailing at $549, offers a 13.3” screen for users looking for a bit more screen real estate. The DUEX Max, with its 14” screen, is available for $599 for those seeking the pinnacle of performance.

The DUEX range is now available at prominent retailers such as JB Hi-Fi, Officeworks, Harvey Norman, Amazon, Mwave, and Scorptec. These innovative monitors are offered in Grey and Navy colour options, catering to various aesthetic preferences.

Mobile Pixels’ foray into the Australian market marks a significant step forward in portable productivity solutions. With the DUEX range, professionals can elevate their work experience, enjoying the freedom and efficiency needed in an increasingly dynamic work environment.




Written by: Jason Smith