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MICHELIN - logoIn a celebration of culinary excellence that will be forever etched in the annals of gastronomic history, the MICHELIN Guide and SJM Resorts, S.A. (“SJM”) joined forces last Saturday, January 20, 2024, to orchestrate an unforgettable evening of gourmet indulgence – The MICHELIN Star-Studded Dinner – Timeless Gastronomy. This epicurean journey unfolded within the opulent confines of The Grand Pavilion at the Grand Lisboa Palace Resort Macau, where four world-renowned chefs converged to create an experience that transcended time and tantalized the taste buds.

The Appetizer Platter, the evening’s opening act, unveiled the culinary prowess of these master chefs. Chef Julien Tongourian’s Imperial French Caviar and King Crab in a Surprise Box paid a heartfelt tribute to Chef Robuchon’s legacy. Tongourian’s innovative blend of succulent crab meat, fragrant herbs, and velvety cauliflower cream reached new heights of opulence with the inclusion of exquisite Oscietra caviar.

Chef Sven Wassmer presented his renowned Beetroot Rose, a mesmerizing one-bite wonder that left guests craving more. Chef Hideaki Matsuo crafted a meticulous Sea Urchin dish that celebrated Japanese reverence for nature and seasonal changes, expertly paired with avocado, carrot jam, zucchini, and mullet roe. Chef Heinz Beck’s Tartlet with Veal and Black Elderberry embodied his health-conscious Mediterranean philosophy, preserving flavours while reducing fat content.

Beck continued to captivate with Marinated Amberjack on Celeriac in Seawater and Oxidized Chocolate, a fat-free composition of flavours that tantalized the palate. Chef Hideaki Matsuo presented Lobster, combining lobster stock with Kashiwaya’s signature Japanese stock, creating an aromatic symphony in every sip.

Chef Sven Wassmer, known for his contemporary Alpine cuisine at Memories in Switzerland, made a masterful debut in Macau. His Knöpfli Swiss Dumpling with Roasted Yeast and Truffle infused luxurious and modern touches into Alpine tradition, bridging the gap between the past and present.

Chef Julien Tongourian returned with a sensational Wagyu Beef Chateaubriand and Foie Gras “Rossini” style, leaving guests fascinated by its impeccable flavours and exquisite presentation. Every bite showcased his exceptional expertise and attention to detail.

The sweet finale, The “Dome” in Ivory Chocolate Shell with a Strawberry Gourmet Symphony, showcased Chef Tongourian’s unrivalled culinary expertise and limitless imagination.

As the evening concluded, the showcase of dishes and culinary skills stood as an attestation to their enduring excellence and ability to unite people. Set within the UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, Macau, the MICHELIN Star-Studded Dinner – Timeless Gastronomy celebrated a rich tapestry of flavours and techniques, exemplifying the harmonious blend of culinary artistry and cultural significance.

In this creative city, gastronomy’s power to unite and inspire was truly on display, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.




Written by: Anne Keam