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Green Park Penthouse at 1 Hotel Mayfair, the largest one-bedroom suite in Mayfair Credit: Mikkel VangIn an unprecedented move, SH Hotels & Resorts, helmed by the visionary Barry Sternlicht, announces a colossal global expansion. This groundbreaking endeavour marks a pivotal moment in the hospitality industry, redefining the essence of luxury through a lens of environmental stewardship and cutting-edge design.

Founded with an ethos of purpose-driven luxury, SH Hotels & Resorts is scaling its operations across four continents and 13 countries. The portfolio, encompassing over 30 hotels and branded residential projects, is a testament to the company’s unwavering dedication to experiential luxury, innovative design, sustainability, and advanced technology.

“At SH Hotels & Resorts, we are not just creating spaces; we are crafting a celebration of life in harmony with nature,” Sternlicht passionately declares. This expansion is more than a geographical conquest; it’s an opportunity to introduce a broader audience to our transformative vision. We’re reimagining luxury at 1 Hotels, Baccarat Hotels, and Treehouse Hotels, each offering a distinct narrative that harmonizes with our philosophy.”

The Nest rooftop bar at Treehouse London Credit: Eric Laignel

The Nest rooftop bar at Treehouse London.

The flagship locations, including 1 Hotel Hanalei Bay in Kauai, Baccarat Hotel & Residences New York, and Treehouse London, have paved the way for a dynamic expansion. This includes the conversion of historic European edifices, architectural landmarks in the Middle East, groundbreaking projects in the U.S., enchanting retreats in Mexico, and innovative developments in the Asia Pacific.

Raul Leal, CEO of SH Hotels & Resorts, articulates, “Our vision is both grand and precise. We’re venturing into markets craving the unique experiences we excel at delivering.”

1 Hotels: Nature’s Design Manifesto

1 Hotels, born from a mission-driven ethos, seamlessly blends biophilic design and sustainable practices with unparalleled comfort and service. Since its inception in 2015 with 1 Hotels & Homes South Beach, the brand has set a new standard in hospitality, offering sanctuaries that nurture the planet while luxuriously integrating nature indoors. The brand’s influential presence is evident in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Nashville, Toronto, and Sanya. The opening of Hawaii’s 1 Hotel Hanalei Bay and 1 Hotel Mayfair in London in 2023 solidified its status as a hospitality trailblazer.

The upcoming developments promise an exhilarating era of growth, emphasizing the brand’s global commitment to environmentally responsible hospitality. These include the 1 Hotel & Homes Melbourne, 1 Hotel Copenhagen, 1 Hotel Seattle, 1 Hotel Austin, 1 Hotel & Homes Elounda Hills in Crete, 1 Hotel Paris, 1 Hotel & Homes San Miguel de Allende, 1 Hotel Cabo, and 1 Hotel Diriyah in Riyadh.

Baccarat Hotels: A Symphony of Elegance and Artisanship

Grand Salon at Baccarat Hotel New York Credit: Baccarat Hotel New York

Grand Salon at Baccarat Hotel New York.

Baccarat Hotels, embodying the iconic elegance of its 260-year-old crystal legacy, offers an uber-luxurious experience blending Parisian chic with New York’s dynamism. The brand’s expansion reflects its commitment to luxurious design and exceptional service. Upcoming properties include Baccarat Hotel Rome, Baccarat Hotel Florence, Baccarat Hotel & Residences Dubai, Baccarat Residences Brickell in Miami, and Baccarat Hotel & Residences Diriyah in Riyadh.

Treehouse Hotels: Whimsical Escapes for the Soul

Inspired by childhood’s magical treehouses, Treehouse Hotels offer joyous, fun-filled escapes with eco-friendly touches. The brand’s first property in London set the stage for its global expansion. Upcoming properties, including Treehouse Sunnyvale, Treehouse Manchester, Treehouse Brickell in Miami, Treehouse Adelaide, and Treehouse Diriyah in Riyadh, promise unique lodging experiences and vibrant community hubs.

A Visionary Future

This expansion broadens SH Hotels & Resorts’ portfolio and deepens its commitment to revolutionizing luxury travel. “As we evolve, we anticipate trends shaping the future of hospitality,” Leal states. “We aim to ensure SH Hotels & Resorts remains synonymous with innovation, sustainability, and unparalleled guest experiences.”

The company’s sustainability ethos drives its growth strategy, focusing on reducing CO2 emissions and achieving zero-waste operations. Its global development pipeline is expanding through innovative constructions and imaginative transformations. This includes a move into branded residential projects, focusing on destination resorts catering to global travel’s resurgence.

Each SH Hotels & Resorts property showcases the company’s commitment to innovative design and architecture, incorporating state-of-the-art technology to enhance guest experiences. These hotels offer personalized luxury that adapts to individual preferences while promoting holistic wellness experiences that reflect the company’s dedication to guest health and well-being.

Sternlicht said, “We’ve ignited a wave of responsibility in luxury hospitality. Our growth strategy is intertwined with our commitment to the planet. This is just the beginning. As we expand, we continue to redefine the narrative of what it means to travel consciously.”

A New Chapter in Luxury Hospitality

The strategic expansion of SH Hotels & Resorts heralds a new chapter in luxury hospitality. The company is not just increasing its global footprint; it’s setting a new standard for the industry. With a focus on sustainability, innovative design, and guest-centric experiences, SH Hotels & Resorts is poised to lead the future of luxury travel.

This groundbreaking expansion by SH Hotels & Resorts demonstrates how visionary leadership, commitment to sustainability, and a deep understanding of the evolving desires of global travellers can create a transformative impact in the hospitality industry. By seamlessly blending luxury with environmental consciousness, SH Hotels & Resorts is expanding its presence globally and elevating the standards of luxury travel for future generations.

In conclusion, SH Hotels & Resorts global expansion is more than just a business growth strategy; it’s a bold statement in luxury hospitality. It’s a testament to the company’s innovative spirit and commitment to creating a sustainable future for the planet and its people. As they expand their presence worldwide, they invite travellers to join them in this exciting new era of eco-luxury travel, where every stay is a step towards a more sustainable and luxurious future.




Written by: Jason Smith