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Sherrine Budiman’s entrepreneurial journey is a harmonious blend of artistry and business acumen. Growing up in Jakarta, Sherrine was drawn to the creative world from childhood. Despite her parents’ insistence on pursuing a business degree, her inherent passion for art remained steadfast.

After completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Masters in Business Management, Sherrine ventured into Interior Architecture in Los Angeles. Her childhood dream of working in the creative field found alignment with her academic pursuits.

“The thing is, since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to be an artist or work in the creative world. However, my parents came from the financial industry and were adamant that I at least should get a degree in business first before venturing into the arts and design world,” Sherrine reminisced.

Looking back, everything falls into place perfectly as Sherrine is now equipped with tools to design and manage her businesses.

Returning to Indonesia, Sherrine embarked on diverse projects that embodied her artistic flair. She established a boutique hotel, a restaurant, and a daycare center, each showcasing her dedication to creativity and design.

The pandemic spurred her focus on Bali, leading to the creation of Tempakultura—a creative haven advocating for various causes, including animal welfare and women empowerment.

Sherrine’s journey into mixology blossomed during her university days in Canada. This discovery of craft cocktails sparked a passion that later manifested in Moon Sipper Club, her latest venture. With curated menus and captivating ambiance, Moon Sipper Club is a testament to Sherrine’s storytelling prowess through cocktails.

Meanwhile, Flock restaurant in Ubud thrives on community and innovation, reimagining Modern American inspired cuisine while carefully considering sustainability in the F&B industry.

Expanding her culinary horizons further, Sherrine is gearing up for the exciting launch of Baleine, a modern European bistro and bar set to grace the South Jakarta scene in mid-next year. This exquisite venue promises to tantalize taste buds with delectable European fare and a vibrant bar scene, further solidifying Sherrine’s position as a culinary trailblazer.

Closer to home, Bali will soon welcome Old Pals, a unique concept by Sherrine slated to open its doors in Pererenan early next year. This charming spot will transform from a cozy haven serving buns and coffee in the morning to a bustling hub for juicy burgers and beers on tap in the evening. With its dual personality and welcoming atmosphere, Old Pals is sure to become a beloved local haunt.

Sherrine’s success stems from her unwavering dedication, creative ingenuity, and commitment to meaningful impact. Her journey serves as a testament to merging passion, business acumen, and societal influence, while advocating for a balanced approach to life.

In her own words, Sherrine encapsulates her ethos: “Be in love and proud of your business, be consistent with your quality, yet always leave room for improvements.”

Her advice? Prioritize holistic well-being and have a clear vision for your business, emotional and economical health, stating, “The only way to achieve and truly enjoy your goals is when you are living a balanced and mindful life.”