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Award-winning global promoter Disco Donnie Presents (DDP) and experiential event company Probably Nothing are thrilled to reveal its ‘Third Contact‘ announcement for Texas Eclipse, adding even more depth to their roster of previously announced participants from the First Contact and Second Contact.
Today’s music lineup comes with contributions curated with global partners Symbiosis (California), Re:birth (Japan), Strawberry Fields (Australia), Earth Frequency (Australia), Bachstelzen (Germany), Beloved (Oregon), Origin (South Africa), Meadows in the Mountain (Bulgaria), Ometeotl (Mexico), DisQo PereZoso (Costa Rica), Cosmic Convergence (Guatemala).
These artists will be joined by the 40+ musical acts previously announced – Barclay CrenshawBig GiganticBob Moses (Club Set)Boogie TClozee (Sunset Set)Freedom FightersGMSJoe Russo’s Almost DeadLee BurridgeLevel UPLSDreamMartha Van Straaten,  STS9SubtronicsThe Disco BiscuitsTipper (Twilight Set)TychoVulfpeckZeds Dead, and Zingara to name a few.
Texas Eclipse is more than just music; it serves as a global community hub where music and visual artists, thought leaders, and enthusiasts from space, science, wellness, and technology come together to celebrate the universal language of creativity while also shaping the future. Each partner represents a unique chapter in this global narrative, contributing to a collective experience that transcends geographical boundaries. This convergence of minds and cultures across various areas of expertise fosters a rich exchange of ideas, creating a space where the universal values of unity, diversity, and exploration are celebrated. As the festival lineup continues to unfold, it stands as a living testament to the power of collaboration, breaking down barriers and forging connections that extend far beyond the realm of music, echoing the heartbeat of a truly global community.
“Texas Eclipse is more than just a festival; it is a testament to the power of global collaboration, uniting creative forces to foster and manifest positive change. We hope that what we do here to celebrate and connect the mind and spirit will serve as an example of what is possible in humanity’s exciting future.” Mitch Morales, Founder Texas Eclipse
From April 5th to 9th, a gathering of up to 50,000 diverse attendees from festival lovers to eclipse enthusiasts will flock to central Texas for five days of creative expression, consciousness exploration, and cosmic curiosity for an experience millions of years in the making.
“We see these gatherings as a responsibility and service to our planet in the highest form that we can offer. People from so many walks of life come together to witness a total solar eclipse and celebrate the fact that we are conscious, aware and alive in this moment. Community gatherings like these are vital for shared human experience — they nourish the soul and enable social change.  
We are so excited to bring back a unique showcase of 12 different global collaborators who offer much more to the event than music — big art, workshops, yoga, Indigenous wisdom, kids and family programming, a bush spa — all while being surrounded by the awe-inspiring nature of the Texas Hill Country.” – Gwen Gruesen (Symbiosis)
  Bad Snacks • Big Gigantic •  Boogie T.Rio • Dirtwire • Joe Russo’s Almost Dead • Kerala Dust  • Moon Tricks • Oteil and Friends • Snow Raven • STS9  • Sunsquabi • The Disco Biscuits • The Floozies • The String Cheese Incident • Tycho • Vulfpeck
The Lone Star Stage welcomes an extraordinary mix of artists set to enhance the futuristic Western theme with their transcendent sounds. An iconic festival favorite, The String Cheese Incident, who also played the 2017 Oregon Eclipse festival, has an eclectic fusion of bluegrass, rock, and electronic elements that will add a touch of musical diversity to the stage. Bad Snacks will showcase her innovative blend of electronic and jazz while jam band Sunsquabi promises to fuse funk, rock, and electronic elements into an unforgettable experience.
Similar to Big Gigantic, famed funk-tronic act The Floozies will take the stage, becoming part of an already elite roster of names such as R&B soul maestro’s Vulfpeck, grammy nominated artist Tycho, and plenty more.
Axel Thesleff • Barclay Crenshaw • Boogie T • Bwoy De Bhajan • Clozee (Sunset set) • Cosmic Trigger • Dirt Monkey • Duffrey • Floret Loret • Jordnmoody • Level UP • LSDream • Megan Hamilton • Of The Trees • OPIUO • Saka • Somatoast • Subtronics • Tipper (Twilight Set) • Tripp St. • Truth • Zeds Dead • Zingara
The Eclipse Stage is poised to deliver a sonic onslaught of heavy bass, featuring standout artists such as Axel Thesleff, whose emotive compositions will add an ethereal element to the stage. Also announced is enigmatic artist Tripp St., known for captivating freeform bass tracks with apparent boom bap influences, and Floret Loret providing a multi-sensory experience of a sound that bathes in natural beauty but also pulls from a dark, industrial cityscape. Megan Hamilton is self described as a well-equipped rocket in the electronic orbit: crafting a mix of hypnotic bass, funky riffs and house grooves.
Eclipse Stage will also be home to mainstays such as Zeds DeadBoogie T & Barclay Crenshaw (alias of Claude VonStroke/founder of Dirtybird), a glimmering twilight set from  auditory genius Tipper, Hong Kong native Saka and his unique “leftfield bass” sound.
Ata • Bob Moses (Club Set) • Britta Arnold • Christian Martin • Dana Nada • Desert Hearts • Galen • Giz • Kenergy • Konstantin • Lee Burridge • Lotte Ahoi • LP Giobbi • Mayaan Nidam • Magupi • Maya Jane Coles • Mira • Oona Dahl • Paul Oakenfold • Pilocka Krach • Seth Troxler (sunset set) • Shawna • Vintage Culture 
The Sky Stage is the epitome of techno and global house, announcing a seminal artist who has made an enormous impact on the electronic music scene: the “Godfather of electronic music”, Paul OakenfoldSeth Troxler‘s Sunset Set and the vibrant beats of Tiga and one of Forbes’ most influential “30 under 30” industry leaders  Vintage Culture will make the Sky Stage an intoxicating surrealist oasis, where every beat feels like a brushstroke on a musical canvas. They join globetrotting house and techno party brigade Desert Hearts, Dirtybird’s Christian Martin, grammy-award winning duo Bob Moses, adding even more depth to the Sky Stage.
The Sky Stage proudly features majority representation from women. From the rhythmic beats of Britta Arnold to the deep, hypnotic melodies of Maya Jane Coles, each of these women bring a unique flavor, contributing to an atmosphere of celebration and empowerment. Joining them are phenomenal talents like GiZLotte Ahoi, “Dead house” DJ LP GiobbiMayaan NidamMiraOona DahlPilocka Krach, and Shawna, collectively making the Sky Stage not just a beautiful sonic journey but a statement in support of diversity and the incredible contributions of women in the music industry.
Ajja • Atmos • Avalon • Captain Hook • Daijiro •  Freedom Fighters • GMS • Gu • Hatta • Jossie Telch •  Kasey Taylor • Kleiman • Kromagon • Mad Tribe • Magik • Modus • Out of Orbit •  Penta • Perfect Stranger • Regan • Shove •  Tsuyoshi Suzuki • with a very special Goa Gil Tribute (24 Hour Popup by Friends Of Goa Gil)
The Sun Stage is set to be a psychedelic trance playground with some of the most reputable names in this realm. A legendary collaboration of trance pioneers including AtmosAvalonCaptain HookGMSMad TribeOut of OrbitPerfect StrangerTsuyoshi Suzuki and many more, will be taking control of the psychedelic spaceship! They will provide us with a mind-bending sonic experience and guide as we dance through time & space on our way to the ultimate goal… The Total Solar Eclipse!  A massive psytrance lineup of this caliber hasn’t been seen on US soil since the 2017 Oregon Eclipse, and most likely won’t be seen again any time soon.
There will also be an extra special 24-hour popup tribute to Goa Gil by the Friends Of Goa Gil. As one of the founders of the Goa Trance and Psychedelic Trance movement,  he was renowned for almost exclusively playing 24+ hour sets, including an unforgettable set at the 2017 Oregon Eclipse. This tribute will be comprised of the artists that he loved the most, making this a perfect opportunity to celebrate his life the way he lived it, through the Trance Dance Experience.
Abstrakt Sonance • Anna Morgan • Ashez • Atyya • Bogl • Chmura • Deep Dark & Dangerous • Dimond Saints • Drrtywulvz • El Papachango •  Hamdi • Iterate • Josh Teed • Khiva • K+Lab • K.L.O • Monty • Park Breezy • Pheel • Sicaria  • Sylph • TF Marz • The Librarian • Thought Process • Zen Seleckta
Under the lunar glow, the Moon Stage will feature an array of bass, dubstep, glitch, and hip hop beats. Anna Morgan‘s eclectic mix of bass-heavy beats, Dimond Saints‘ melodic dubstep, and Deep Dark And Dangerous’s deep and dark bass will set the stage ablaze. El Papachango‘s fusion of global beats and Hamdi’s glitch-hop innovation will keep the energy high. Iterate, Texas native Drttywulvz, and K.L.O. will add to the variety of bass genres, while Sylph will bring a touch of glitch and hip hop to the mix. The Librarian‘s atmospheric bass and Thought Process‘s experimental hip hop help round out the Moon Stage lineup, ensuring a diverse and dynamic experience under the cosmic canopy.
ATASH • Balkan Bump • David Starfire • Desert Dwellers • Dragonfly • Elephant Heart • Equanimous • Evan Hatfield • Fanna-Fi-Allah • Govinda • High Step Society • Lemonella • Mah Ze Tar • Mark Farina (Mushroom Jazz Set) • Martha Van Straaten  • Mose • Red Giant Project • Savej • Skysia • Soohan • Souleye • Tv Broken ft Katie Skene • Vincent Antone • Wazoo 
The Earth Stage is host to the festival’s widest variety of music. There, a through-line of eclectic sounds weaves together a tapestry of talent whose styles range from traditional, folkloric live music to the most contemporary expression of sophisticated dance music.  Whether it’s the mesmerizing melodies of Middle Eastern instruments, or the vibrancy of latin and funk-inspired dance music, it all serves as a testament to the beauty of our interconnectedness while transcending geographical and cultural boundaries.
Programming includes both daytime and late nights, and no matter what time it is on Earth, attendees can look forward to over 50 unique acts. Internationally renowned ensemble Fanna-Fi-Allah will showcase the fervor & passion of Sufi Qawwali music, an ancient devotional art form that invokes deep remembrance of the Beloved through powerful song and dynamic rhythm, while Equanimous‘s emotive downtempo vibes will contribute to the stage’s vibrant environment of world music, creating an immersive experience that resonates with nature and culture. Multicultural Austin-based band “Atash” offers their energetic, global sounds while High Step Society mixes swing with EDM and Martha Van Straaten delivers her joy-drenched organic, deep house. Adding to the stage’s allure is the presence of David Starfire, hailed as one of BBC Radio’s “brilliant world-fusion producers of our time,” promising a performance that seamlessly blends fun and futuristic sounds.
Philosophically, the variety of music that will be represented at Texas Eclipse is curated to inspire both curiosity and discovery. It also highlights the common threads that bind us together as a global community. It’s a place where we are invited to connect on a profound level musically, recognizing the shared human experiences that unite us all.
Taking place at Reveille Peak Ranch, a short drive from San Antonio and neighboring Austin, Texas Eclipse promises a rare celestial spectacle offering over 4 minutes of totality. This 1300+ acre venue, in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, features wooded forests for camping, 60 miles of trails to explore, hilltops for elevated viewing and so much more.
Together, Texas Eclipse will create an unparalleled convergence of captivating art installations, mesmerizing music performances, space exploration, cutting-edge technology, and the wonders of nature, transforming the raw land into a thriving Global Village of creativity, insight, and inspiration.