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Brian Grubb - WakeBASE Dubai 2023In a breathtaking fusion of extreme sports, American wakeskating icon Brian Grubb has shattered boundaries by executing a world-first: a wakeskate ride across Dubai’s highest infinity pool followed by a dramatic BASE jump, a feat that has taken the adventure world by storm.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – December 4, 2023: The sky-high escapade commenced atop the Address Beach Resort, home to the Guinness World Record-holding infinity pool 294 meters above the ground. Grubb, a two-time world wakeskating champion, embarked on a 94-meter journey across the pool, towed by a custom-engineered drone. The climax of this adrenaline-pumping adventure was his leap from the pool’s edge, transitioning into a breathtaking 77-story BASE jump, culminating in a triumphant landing on the beach below.

Brian Grubb WakeBASE Dubai 2023

Brian Grubb’s thrilling combination of wakeskating and BASE jumping from Dubai’s tallest infinity pool, a world-first in extreme sports.

This groundbreaking stunt, christened “WakeBASE,” has been a dream for Grubb for seven years. It synthesizes his dual passions of wakeskating and BASE jumping into a singular, awe-inspiring spectacle. Grubb’s ambition to meld these two disciplines into one seamless act of daring has finally come to fruition, marking a historic moment in extreme sports.

The complexity of WakeBASE required unprecedented preparation and precision. Grubb, who has showcased his wakeskating prowess in diverse global locations, recognized the unique challenge this project posed. To prepare, he collaborated with BASE jumping legend Miles Daisher. Daisher, with over 4,500 BASE jumps, crafted an intensive training regimen for Grubb, focusing on technical skill and mental fortitude.

Their preparations included extensive practice sessions in Idaho and Lauterbrunen, Switzerland, a mecca for BASE jumping. This meticulous training paid off, enabling Grubb to approach the daunting Dubai skyline confidently.

In parallel, the project demanded innovative technological solutions. The specialized drone, critical for the wakeskating segment, was developed by Sebastian Stare and his team. This drone represented a fusion of cutting-edge technology and practical design tailored to Grubb’s stringent requirements for WakeBASE.

Grubb’s project aligns perfectly with Dubai’s ethos as a city of superlatives and a magnet for adventurous spirits. The Address Beach Resort, with its record-breaking pool, provided the ideal venue for this unprecedented endeavour. Grubb noted that the resort’s layout, particularly the curved design of the pool and the expansive beach landing area, was instrumental in turning this ambitious idea into a reality.

The WakeBASE initiative is more than just a thrilling spectacle; it is a testament to human ingenuity, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of pushing boundaries. This event has set a new standard in extreme sports and continues to inspire a generation of thrill-seekers and dreamers.

In conclusion, Brian Grubb’s WakeBASE adventure in Dubai has etched itself into the annals of extreme sports history, marking a new epoch in the fusion of athletic prowess and technological innovation. This event, a blend of courage, creativity, and collaboration, stands as a shining beacon, urging us to dream bigger and dare bolder.




Written by: Michelle Warner